Top 7 Hair Care Tips For Monsoon You Should Know By Ricky Martin

24 March 2017 Health ≈ Hair Loss

A beautiful hair makes a day beautiful. For everyone irrespective of the gender, hair is an important asset. Hair fall freaks everyone out as no one can afford to look bad because of it.

A beautiful hair makes a day beautiful. For everyone irrespective of the gender, hair is an important asset. Hair fall freaks everyone out as no one can afford to look bad because of it. There are several ways in which hair fall can be prevented as people who suffer from receding hairlines can go to any extent to retain the volume of their hair.

Hair is the most important accessory that men and women carry along with their attire. So it is very important to take care of such an important asset. Hair transplant in Delhi helps people with receding hairlines or baldness to get back their confidence by successfully transplanting hair and retaining the volume of it.

Several factors affect hair. Climate change is one major issue. Listed below are seven hair care tips during monsoon that one can follow to manage severe hair fall.

  • Keep Your Hair Dry

It is a wonderful feeling to get soaked in the rainwater, and you might not usually miss a chance to get drenched during monsoon. But you must remember that rain water contains dirt that gets stuck to your hair and damages them. Moreover, during monsoon, the moisture is excess in nature and it takes a lot of time to dry your hairs after washing. Too much of moisture can cause hair loss. so, you must make sure that even if you get drenched or after washing your hair, you dry them properly.

  • Use Shampoo Twice a Week

Well, as you know during monsoon your hair gets affected most as little exposure to the rain makes your hair dirty. Try to use a shampoo that can remove dandruff and bacteria. There are several superior quality shampoos that you can use to keep your hair healthy during monsoon. Wash your hair at least twice a week to wash off the dirt. Make sure you do not shampoo on a regular basis as that weakens the root of your hair causing hair fall.

  • Use a Clean Brush or Comb

It is very important to make sure that your comb or brush has no dirt in it. If your brush or comb is unclean, the dirt would stick to your hair. Then when your hair would be exposed to the rainwater, the maximum damage would occur.

  • Oil Massage

Massaging your scalp with hair oils is the best treatment any time of the year. Oiling your hair every alternative day or the night before you shampoo is the best way to prevent your hair during monsoon. Hair oils provide strength to your hairs and prevent it from breakage. Massaging your scalp improves the blood circulation enabling hair growth.

  • Properly Condition Your Hair

It is advisable not to condition the entire length of your hair, just condition the end length of your hair that actually gets frizzy and unmanageable. It is better not to waste so much during this season as the more moisture your hair absorbs that requirement the more hair fall occurs. Even if you apply it, use a wide tooth comb to spread it eventually and thoroughly wash it with cold water.

  • Avoid Tying

Don’t tie your hair during monsoon. Tie you hairs into loose ponytails or buns only in case if you have to tie them. As tying up your hair in the monsoon you’re inviting the rain water to get absorbed in your hair and scalp. This, in turn, makes your hair frizzier and limper.

  • Cut short

If you are finding it difficult to manage your hair during monsoon, try to gain courage and cut it short. By the time the winter hits, your hair will grow long again and you will be able to flaunt it again.

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