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7 March 2017 Business ≈ Management

Legal and regulatory framework in human resource management help to protect and safe rights of employee in organization. For protecting employee rights made various rule by organization.

Outline of Legal and Regulatory Framework in Organization  

Legal and regulatory framework impact on human resource management by making their functions more credible and policies more genuine to safeguard the rights of employees and employers as well as maintain their welfare by fair means. In this segment, various regulations will be discussed along with their impact on          HRM functions of Tesco.
Equality ACT 2010: at Tesco employee’s from diverse background, nationality work together so the organization maintains Equality ACT to protect their interest and rights. According to this legislation, employees irrespective of being male or female, religious background, different nationality etc are entitled to receive equal value of pay for equal amount of work or nature of work. This helps Tesco maintain a diverse workforce, which can deliver competence and innovation.
National Minimum Wage ACT 1998: At Tesco, compensation and benefits of employee’s are designed according to the skill and experience involved in job role and according to market demands. Thus as per this ACT, all employees are entitled to receive a standard wage which can vary according to changes made by legislative policies in UK. Also, employees in Tesco are entitled to receive additional benefits and rewards which are linked to performance as per company’s policy

Employment ACT 2008:  at Tesco the employee’s rights are secured under this ACT which emphasise that employee’s contractual agreement needs to state an itemised payment structure depending on employee’s skill and role which should be in accordance to standard minimum wage. Also, employees are entitled to get in writing the working conditions from their employer and they must be protected from unfair dismissal at work. Thus, this ensures job security and welfare of employee. 

Disability Discrimination ACT 1995: At Tesco, disabled employees are expected to get favourable and indiscriminate behaviour from employers giving equal right and opportunities for employment. Also, as per this ACT access to transport, working condition need to accommodate to facilitate disabled employee’s so that they can get a convenient opportunity to work at Tesco.

Working Time Directive ACT 1999: according to this legislation Tesco has to mandatory provide weekly 48 hours of employee’s contribution to work along with 4 weeks of entitled holiday in a year. In addition, Tesco cannot force any employee to work beyond time directive and in case; if an employee wishes to choose overtime then he has to be additionally paid as per company rule.

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