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23 February 2017 Computers ≈ Programming

WordPress is a user friendly open source CMS platform that has gained a huge popularity worldwide with its incomparable features and benefits. Making once Career with this is highly prospective.

WordPress is a free and open source application software which is also known as content management system. This software is based on PHP and MySQL and are installed in the web server which is a part of the internet hosting service or a network host in its own right. Because it is search engine friendly, it is easy to work with it. Its user-friendly characteristics have made it popular and most wanted content management system. This program has many benefits for its users and learners. This software is being used as a foundation by the people who want to post their own website and blogs. Learning WordPress proves to be extremely beneficial for both using for the work purpose and for better career prospects.

Some of the common benefits are:

Simple and easy to learn and use

It is undoubtedly the most easiest platform to be used as CMS across the globe. People who used it like the bloggers, marketing directors, or the internet marketers has appreciated this application software and said that it can be learned within  few weeks. Formatting is very easy and can be done within a moment because of advanced plugins used in it.  


It is commonly preferred by most of the people for user-friendly nature and best compatible with the search engines. One of the best feature is that it can be used in any computers, laptops or smart phones for which it has gained huge popularity worldwide. 
Because of the code that it uses, it is easy to have their own tags, descriptions, and titles for each post, image or page on WordPress. 

A cost effective option 

Learning the software is very cheap and cost effective as one can learn it by themselves or can take training from the WordPress training institute in Kolkata. On top of this, it requires minimum amount to maintain it. The basic software is free and its plugins and ad- on are quite cheap and affordable. The stunning fact is that it is compatible with almost all the hosting services which allows one to select an affordable hosting plan. 

Better career prospect

Due to low cost and easy access features, all the companies have opted for this CMS program. Because of which it has increased the requirement of experts of WordPress to operate the software smoothly. Thus, it has increased the career opportunity of the prospective student.WordPress training in Kolkata is now found in many reputable institutes who design the course wonderfully with a combination of theory and practical knowledge. 

100% customizable

People using this particular software is on an advantageous side as they get the chance to customize the looks of their website so that it comes to limelight and impresses the targeted audiences, 

Need minimum help to learn it

A person might be new in the field of designing a unique website and are unaware of the different posting platforms, in that case, WordPress is the best option as it is easy to learn, use and  understandable 

Therefore, working with a CMS platform like WordPress is a boon for the businesses which has the power to change the complete ball game.

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The article is a contribution from Karmick Institute, a reowned PHP training center based in Kolkata, India. The institute has been active since 2000 and has helped canddiates groom their career and find better jobs in the IT-Industry. 

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