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20 February 2017 Computers ≈ Mobile Computing

The advent and penetration of mobile phones even at the grass root levels has given rise to bulk sms, an innovative form of mobile marketing. The bulk sms services in India are employed by organizations across diverse sectors mainly for conventional marketing and promotional campaigning support.

In today’s globalised world, businesses need to grow and meaningfully connect with its customers to achieve maximum returns, therein sustaining in the competitive marketplace. The way companies have been engaging with its customers is now undergoing a paradigm shift. This shift is predominantly egged by the advent and penetration of mobile phones and other mobile devices such as tablets. Various commercial organizations now employ the mobile devices especially the smartphones for various transactional as well as promotional purposes. In this regard, firms which specialize in mobile based services have become functional offering bulk sms services as well as other mobile messaging tools in India.

Companies today engage with their clients as well as future customers through an assortment of mobile based tools such as bulk sms which provide pertinent data about customers therein offering valuable insights and empowering decision making. Today bulk sms services in India have become a niche domain with various firms offering these services by employing innovative messaging tools to organizations around the world.

Before delving further into the various complexities of bulk sms services, let us first discuss the layman definition of bulk sms and its various benefits.

 Bulk sms also called as bulk messaging is sending out vast number of sms to be delivered to the target audience via their mobile numbers. Many seasoned bulk sms service providers would make this task seem hassle free with just the click of a button. Businesses employ the services of such firms to send out important information to their clients for transactional purpose or for promotional or marketing use via the mobile.

Usually bulk sms services in India are employed for promotional purposes such as sale, offers etc. and are generally sent between the mandated hours of business. For instance, various e commerce businesses especially the online retail chains widely employ the bulk sms services to promote their various offerings as well as inform its erstwhile customers about any future sales and discounts.

Benefits of bulk sms for businesses in India:

  1. A business can meaningfully engage with its customers via bulk sms by sending customized information.
  2. A business can create greater brand awareness by sending bulk sms to its present as well as potential customers.
  3. Bulk sms services in India can be employed by the varied players such as banks and stock markets to send out critical alerts to its customers.
  4. It is an important mode of communication especially for large organizations for its internal as well as organizational communiqué.
  5. Since bulk sms are mainly sent through mobile devices they are till date the fastest mode of receiving and sending information.
  6. Business organizations can function in a hassle free way only if their systems and other operational functions are automated and this is not possible without an able online sms service.

The bulk sms services in India are now widely used by businesses in diverse sectors such as BFSI, retail, media, travel etc. Companies in the bulk sms domain are also constantly innovating and today offer foolproof, scalable as well as reliable mobile messaging infrastructure through an array of products and services which are aptly supported by robust platforms. These service providers produce, develop and constantly work towards augmenting up gradations and enhanced messaging solutions for its client organizations therein enabling these organizations to inculcate innovative bulk sms strategies into their core business in order to build and nurture their customer base.

The bulk sms services in India is a proliferating domain offering inexpensive, effective as well as a foolproof way to connect with the target community. Many firms in this service business now offer differentiating services such as ‘campaign manager’ and ‘traffic analyser’ which not only enable organizations to promote their offerings but also enable an analysis in the form of detailed reports and statistics therein supporting decision making for current as well as future promotional activities.

India is a vibrant economy and the resultant competitive business environment has served as a catalyst in the mushrooming of quality bulk sms services across India. The bulk sms in India is pioneering field in the area of mobile marketing. It is now enabling a paradigm shift in the way businesses are conducted and promoted today. The bulk sms services have eased customer engagement via the mobile, optimized functional efficiency as well as overall productivity of organizations.

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