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7/21/2019 Shopping ≈ Fashion Style

Do you know that 58% of consumers have a promotional shirt? With so many different shirts to choose from, it can be challenging to know which one is right for your specific needs.

Do you know that 58% of consumers have a promotional shirt? With so many different shirts to choose from, it can be challenging to know which one is right for your specific needs. Promotional t-shirts are now available in different materials, weights, mixes and adjustments, and each has its own set of benefits based on the use for which you need them. To make sure that you choose the shirt that best suits your needs, we have divided the shirts into three categories and have chosen one of the best sellers in each category to use as an example and make a decision.

First, some information that will facilitate the purchase of your clothes: 

  1. Weight of the fabric: In Online platform, you will notice that our clothing items have a weight of the material listed, for example, 6 ounces of cotton. This weight will vary depending on each piece of clothing you are looking at, but this number is the average weight of a square yard of fabric of the material in each colour, keep in mind that some colours of the same material may vary slightly in weight, so That goes by the average. A casual shirt will have a higher weight than a performance shirt.

  2. Fabric content: You've probably heard the terms 100% cotton or cotton blend before, and most likely you have a pretty clear idea of ​​what these terms mean, but just to clarify - 100% cotton shirts are durable They are well maintained during washing and are easy to decorate and are also popular due to their natural qualities. Cotton/polyester blends are durable, stain-resistant and come in a wide range of colours. High-performance jerseys are often made of polyester, synthetic fibre or other soft and light engineering blends.

  3. Manufacturing: The manufacturing of each shirt can vary according to the style, the mixture of fabrics and the weight. Terms such as "Stitched with double-needle" and "Shoulder-to-shoulder wrapping" represent different forms of construction that change the durability, fit and flow of the shirt.

Cotton Design

Casual t-shirts are an affordable gift for any event. Their heavy cotton construction gives them durability and comfort. Most of our casual cotton shirts are available with multiple print placement options so you can customise the shirts exactly as you intended.

This cotton t-shirt is ideal for gift bags/gifts in any event, from trade fairs to thank-you picnics to employees. They are also very suitable for tourism, restaurant or bar souvenirs, school clothes, fundraising, music festivals or concerts, or any other industry or informal occasion.

Active Blend Shirts

Active Blend shirts are as versatile as the casual cotton shirt, but their lighter construction and the soft 50/50 cotton/polyester blend make them more suitable for any event, occupation or promotion that requires the user to move more comfortably.
This shirt is ideal for any occasion, work or game that involves moderate activity. Use this shirt for sports camps, recreational sports, outdoor events, races, as well as for retail, employee uniforms or anything else that may require a slightly more modern look. The lighter material and jersey blend of this shirt result in a more proportionate fit based on the fall of the fabric and a softer feel.

High-performance T-shirts

The high-performance shirts are characterised by their light and airy material, their tight shape, their ability to absorb moisture and their antimicrobial properties. They are designed to work as hard as you and keep you comfortable. As already mentioned, high-performance garments are usually made of breathable polyester or other lightweight hybrid blends.
These shirts are ideal for high-level gifts and high-performance athletes. Present these t-shirts to gym members, club members, competitive road races, spa gifts, college athletes, resort stores and any other event or establishment that is highly active or looking for a high-quality garment

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