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The extracted ore is used in stone mills to obtain desired powder with the specification needed. There is a vast Quality available in the world of Different minerals.

Quartz is a mineral which is composed of silicon. In Formula of SiO4, oxygen being shared between two tetrahedra.

Quartz crystals exist in two forms, the normal α-quartz and the high-temperature β-quartz. The transformation between α-quartz to β-quartz takes place abruptly at 573 °C (846 K). Quartz can change ceramics or rocks when passing through high temperature when some desired changes take place in the quantity.

Quartz is among the most varied and abundant crystals and it happen in a variety of forms and colors. We are well known brand as Quartz Powder Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporter in India as well as Foreign Countries.

Some Benefits of Quartz:

#Quartz in Glass Making

Geological processes occasionally deposited sand Composed of 100% of the quartz grains. These elements known as silica sand sources and used to developed as purity silica sand. This sand is used in the glass industry. Quartz Sand is used for container glass, flat plate glass, specialty glass and fiberglass.

#Uses as Abrasive Garnet in India

 The hardness of quartz, seven on the Mohs scale, makes it hardest natural substances in world. As it is an excellent abrasive material. Quartz sands and finely ground silica sand are used for sand blasting, grinding media, grit for sanding and sawing, scouring cleansers.

# As Quartz Foundry Sand

Quartz is very resistant for chemicals and heat also. So, therefore it is used as foundry sand. It can be used for molds and cores of common foundry work with some high temperature melting metals. Refractory brick are made of quartz sand because of Quartz high heat resistance. Quartz sand also used as flux in the smelting of metals.

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