Driving Crystal Reports Invoice Delivery and Gaining Higher Efficiency Levels By Jason Legg

6/24/2019 Computers ≈ Hardware

No, we haven’t pulled out a new Avengers plot in a fan theory.

“Is manual reporting doomed?”

“Wait down here. I’m calling the Avengers to stop that.”

No, we haven’t pulled out a new Avengers plot in a fan theory. It’s just a conversation highlighting how manual reporting has been decreasing over the years. Thanks to automation, a fair few companies have started having a formal strategy on reducing paper used in their offices. This is a good initiative. Again, we are not against the Avengers’ Initiative.

Workspace anger is a commonality these days. Fair, it seems, if you have a lot of work to do. However, it proves counterproductive for both personal and business development. The offices that ensure printing, sorting, collating, folding, enveloping, and finally posting an invoice to the customer into a full-fledged procedure for a long time, despite modernization, are bound to suffer a lot.

Painting a rosy picture of performance levels may deem fit only to a certain level. But, after a short period of time, the balloon bursts and the repercussions could be vast. It has been learned that in several business houses, only the senior-level or executive-level persons interact in a paperless mode, whereas middle-level and low-level employees have to take the formal route.

Crystal Reports is one of the intelligent applications widely used in businesses for sending out reports to the customers or recipients. However, Crystal Reports invoice delivery hits a glitch when it has to go out in a large number. And that’s not the case with this particular application. Report Writer, Report Manager, etc. are some other prime examples too.

Though mega companies have their priorities sorted at the first, the SMB or small and medium businesses face a roadblock in matching up with the trends. Since invoice and report delivery is a regular procedure followed in all businesses, the workstations have a tedious work-in-waiting for the employees.

Despite the challenges faced by employees on the work front, they put out their best efforts to deliver what’s needed. Earlier ways of manual invoicing were ridden with errors, which was later faulted for inefficiency. Times have changed, and so have the technologies. Report management tools make report-making easy. Thus, it helps in sending out the reports as frequently as possible.

The art and science of multiple invoices

Will you be able to make a thousand invoices manually? That’s too much to ask, isn’t it? Well, we won’t ask you to do that, but still invoicing each customer is an arduous task to deal with.

Thanks to a method called document bursting, this invoice generation task won’t be a headache for you. But, how will you manage to do it? Apparently, a few tools are available in the online marketplaces and the Internet. While some of them are helpful for small-scope actions, a select few can let you perform a variety of jobs at the same time.


Check out the tools that allow Crystal Reports bursting and enhances the efficiency levels of business with the help of a bunch of advanced features, such as archival, fax, HTML formatting, etc.

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Jason Legg writes about Crystal Reports invoice delivery methods used in all kinds of businesses. He explains how document bursting has benefited businesses in boosting their rate of production and increasing efficiency levels. Modern Crystal Reports bursting tools offer a wide range of advanced features.

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