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- A flight without well minded, proficient flight attendant is unbelievable.

Airlines and Hotel Management Courses in Dungarpur - A flight without well minded, proficient flight attendant is unbelievable. A flight attendant or stewards are the flawless people that stroll here and there in order to provide drinks, nourishment, refresher towels, covers, sickness bags and all other things that you require during your journey. Stewards are those people that take proper care of your well-being and comfort during your trip in air.

If you have outstanding personality and have keen interest in travelling locally, nationally or internationally and also have the ability to communicate with diverse range of people, then tourism industry is best path for you to make a brightful career ahead.

AHA provides best Airline and Hotel Management Course. Our graduate’s students are ready to start brightful careers as Flight Attendants, Airport Personnel and Hotel/Resort Staff.

Things required getting entry in Airline Course        

  • Should be atleast 18 years old and possess Matric Certificate or be in process of acquiring.
  • Must have verbal and oral fluency in English
  • Should not have any felonies record
  • Must be able to swim

Hotel Management Course and their Eligibility Criteria

Hotel Management or hospitality Management teaches the student how to run hotels, restaurant, Food Service Companies, event management and other business. If you are one who have interest in being with such people who have hospitality skill then your study and work both will become easy and fun. Being with such people enhances your protocol and skill to meet and assist people as per their desires that also add to your versatility.

There is numerous benefit of doing Hotel Management from reputed firm. One of the most amazing benefits of doing this course if you can make good amount of money even at the time of pursuing the course itself. Once the course is completed, this industry provides plenty of opportunities for career development. It is dynamic and fast-growing industry that gives you the challenges to learn from the opportunity.

One can earn diploma, certificate or master degree in hotel management, event management or travel and tourism management. Few common courses and their durations are:

  • Diploma in Hospitality Management – 1 year
  • Bachelor of Arts Degree in Hotel Management – 3 years
  • Graduate Certificate in International Hospitality  and Hotel Management – 6 months
  • Graduate Diploma in International Hotel Management – 1 year
  • Master Degree in International Hospitality  or Hotel Management – 1.5 – 2 years

The criteria for the selection of students is differ for different universities. AHA Institute of Hotel Management and Airline provide Bachelor, Master, Diploma and Certification course to all interested candidate. To get more detail about us, you can call us or mail us at

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