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26 April 2018 Business ≈ Security

Manpower supply in Ahmedabad. Classic Hospitality Services is India's leading international recruitment consultancy to the world with an outstanding reputation for quality and service to our Clients and Candidates. Our Manpower Supply services have helped countless recruiters find the right candidate for the position. For more info visit our website.

Classic Hospitality Services, offers you a completely hassle free process of manpower supply by catering to all your requirements right from start until onboarding. Our unique Recruitment Process Outsourcing service saves you from the incredible ordeal of selecting suitable agents overseas, establishing their credibility, conducting trade tests, on-site assessments & interviews, finalising the selection lists and bringing in quality manpower.

We provide highly qualified professionals and skilled labours to support with the best top, middle and lower level workforce in a short, medium and long term basis. We are the licensed agency to provide manpower in our sponsorship to reduce the worries..

Some of our services are-

Armed Security Guards

Bank Security Services

Commercial Security Services

Corporate Security Services

Event Management Services

Classic Hospitality Services has continued to build on its resources with emphasis on its quality human capital value. These we have done over the years with a view to deliver customized quality Manpower resource solution to our diverse and varied industry and service sector based clients. We have a database containing more than 75,000 resumes which are thoroughly scrutinized by our experts to support the employers and specific needs. We are based at Ahmedabad, Udaipur.

Our firm provides Manpower supply in Ahmedabad that are customized for every client’s personal needs with regard to security, sanitation and housekeeping. We devise plans for organizations and also provide training to the people for clients for rendering apt Manpower Security Services.

It is managed by highly qualified professional Manpower specialist consultants with several years of training and experience. Through a unique combination of skills, competencies, knowledge and favorable experience, Classic Hospitality Services is able to offer Best Cleaning Services in Ahmedabad ranging from consultancy to turn-key project implementation and operation right from the skilled technical & well experienced field working specialized professionals to the top level management. The company recognizes and caters the special personnel needs of clients in the various industries.

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