Decorate Your Temple (body) in Your Own Way By Samuel Greg

19 April 2018 Art ≈ Antiques

Inksane Tattoo & Piercing is a tattoo shop in Belgium, who has a great command over photorealism tattoo style.

Your body is your temple and you can decorate it in your own personal way. And tattoo is one of the best ways to do it. Nowadays, tattoos are becoming more accepted and popular. Tattoos became a way to show the loyalty to a cult or tribute to a loved one who you’ve lost or want to spend your whole life with or making your passion part of your body. All these topics usually initiate the tattoo ideas and make those real foundations around which usually initiate tattoo ideas. But every time a tattoo doesn’t have to make sense. Having an abstract art over the body is just another way of decorating it. Like having abstract Flame art with hitman style tattoo sure make no sense but surely looks dope!

Tattoo culture began in Neolithic era and had different importance in different cultures. But now it’s more of a thing people do for fun. We like to stay away from these “Tramp Stamps” because people don’t like to accept them but who really cares what other think, it keeps those creeps away who only care about what your body is, not what really matters.

Showing your inner self on your outer bodies with photo realistic tattoos is a new trend, which took tattoos to new “awe” moments. I personally have a big Phoenix on my back, which shows my passion to get up back from the ashes. People wearing suit and tie living a miserable life are the real idiots don’t let them judge you. Wearing a tattoo not at all makes you less friendly or slutty or less intelligent. It means you are proud of what you are!

And having a great artist is always important; a person who knows what he is doing and have that craze to make that vision in your mind to your temple in way better form. Those artists are worth a shout out and just like that Inksane Tattoo & Piercing is a shop which makes photorealism tattoos with that passion. Inksane has worked with many artists and took this tattoo culture to another level with the collaboration of many international guest artists.


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Inksane Tattoo & Piercing is a tattoo shop in Belgium, who has a great command over photorealism tattoo style. They have created many great tattoos and worked with many international guest artists like Ivan and many others and they also have tattoo sleeve. For more information, visit

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