The Amazing Advantages of ThirdEye’s Augmented Reality Glasses! By Frank Curtis

10 April 2018 Technology ≈ Gadgets and Gizmos

ThirdEye Gen is a company that manufactures a range of products based on augmented reality.

The development in technology is revamping all the operations that happen around the world at an incredible fashion. The latest technology that has captivated users is augmented reality. The augmented reality has many exciting features that can be very advantageous for the any operation if incorporated into the framework. Many devices are based on the principles of virtual reality but few are as popular as ar smart glasses. The X1 AR accessories are particularly used in gaming and entertainment industry but they can be used in any other work place to boost the efficiency of the organization. Since the ar glasses are lighter, they are more comfortable to use when compared to the head mounted display.

The Ar glasses contain polarized lenses which show images with depth. Many Ar glasses contain the head tracking system and this system is very advanced and improves the experience tremendously. The glasses enable the user to see three dimensional images. This is particularly useful in architectural work as with the help of virtual reality glasses the user can view the building at various angles.

The ar technology is being used by the leading business organizations to improve the training process of the employees as, with the help of AR people can immerse in the subject and the simulations of real world objects are very beneficial for training as users can interact in a better way. This is very beneficial in the aviation academies as students can learn all the crucial aspects using the augmented reality glasses. The use of AR also helps companies in promoting their products and services as they design their advertisements in a better and impressive way.

Even the physicians are enjoying the benefits of a system based on virtual reality as they can research and improve the procedures by using augmented reality glasses. However it is important for organizations to work on a system that uses the latest features developed in augmented reality and is reliable. Since this concept is relatively new not many developers provide the best quality of products. One of the best companies that develop products based on augmented reality and virtual reality is ThirdEye Gen. They offer products of the highest quality that can be used to boost the productivity of any operation.


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ThirdEye Gen is a company that manufactures a range of products based on augmented reality. The ar smart glasses developed by them are the best smart glasses in the market. For further information, visit

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