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Foam rollers are an exceptional product to help with chiropractic treatment. However, you need to know about the different types and usage to get maximum benefits.

People undergoing any physical therapy following an injury, particularly to the lower extremities, are familiar with foam rollers. They are among the most versatile and easy to use tools to help with rebuilding muscle tone and strength. Foam rollers are also known to improve balance and coordination. They are a great way to keep chiropractic patients in top condition even if they have not suffered an injury. Patients suffering from various musculoskeletal pains find that regular use of a foam roller allows their bodies to hold chiropractic adjustments in the proper position for longer periods of time.

What are exactly foam rollers?

Foam rollers look like cylinders or half cylinders made up of closed-cell foam. They come in a variety of lengths and firmness, depending on the purpose. There are also small, hand-held rollers that can be used on the neck, shoulders and arms.

The basic functionality behind foam rollers is that they use the patient’s own weight to perform myofascial self-release. Whenever the patient rolls the affected joint or muscle with the roller, the pressure against the firm foam surface essentially provides the same amount of pressure. Additionally, foam rollers can help relieve various muscle trigger points that may be stiff and sore.

Half-cylinder rollers

Half-cylinder rollers are used to provide core stability for certain exercises such as sit-ups, and also with improving proprioception. They are also excellent for aged people or those who are suffering from mobility issues. Because half-cylinder rollers are not roll all around, they are more stable. And stability is what's needed for most exercises. Some patients also include foam rollers into their yoga practice to hold certain poses for longer periods of time and help them stretch further to get into a better position.

Picking the perfect roller

Before buying a foam roller you must know how to use it. Or you can consider to go to a chiropractor. Make sure that the rollers are easy to use. Have a variety of rollers in different sizes and firmness, as well as some half-rollers and hand-held ones.

Learn how to use them to get the maximum benefit, along with proper prescription so as not to inadvertently cause more damage to joints and muscles. Although patients may initially grimace, it will eventually take only five to six rolls before they get the relieving self myofascial release.

You can certainly incorporate new moves to try with the foam roller for each visit, but also stress the importance of daily rolling at home, both before and after exercise.


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