What iOS backup Process Can Restore Or What It Can’t In iTunes? By martina

16 February 2018 Computers ≈ Security

The article will summarize users about what iOS backup process can restore or what it can’t in iTunes. As explained by technicians working at iTunes Customer Support Number, iTunes backups don’t contain apps and some form of media. So, let us see what this article offers.

Users will usually come across settings and other types of documents stored within apps and images that are stored in an iOS device’s Camera Roll. However there are certain apps that are compatible with iCloud as well as other cloud-based sync. So, below are few lists penned down by iTunes Support Number 1-800-694-2968 professionals that iTunes can’t store 
If users are working with iTunes for iOS backups then, following are the lists that can’t be stored:
Apps that Apple used to allow users to download into iTunes, and then sync them back and suddenly it stopped being a feature in iTunes 12.7. Well, even when applications were downloaded, they weren’t a part of a backup
Music section: Here, Apple cannot restore music with the help of iTunes or even it cannot  stream as well as download it with the help of Apple Music and iCloud Music Library 
All images and videos. The second comes images as well as videos that iTunes back-up cannot back-up. Depending on how users have synced and configured photos, only the Camera Roll which contains pictures that users have taken on a device are available may be backed up. If users have synchronized images via iTunes, they will completely stored either in iPhoto or Photos, and synced with the help of iTunes. With iCloud Photo Library enabled, iTunes do not engage with stored images or even with videos on the phone as well as tablet at all, because they are managed by iCloud.
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