10 Tech companies to watch for if you are looking for the latest security measures By AndrewWatts

15 February 2018 Business ≈ Security

Security is a sensitive measure for the enterprises, businesses, and individuals willing to secure the various data and other documents.

There are tech companies which offer security of the various risks which may occur in the enterprises, businesses and other companies. Ten of top the tech companies one may need to watch for are described below.

1. BitArmor   System
This is a security company which was started in the year 2003 at the headquarters of Pittsburgh. The company was then headed by the chief executive officer, Patrick McGregor who aided assistance in technical work of the laboratories of Hewlett Packward. BitArmor Company offers suitable security, Information Technology and software protection   as well as management of stored data of life cycle.  The company is worth in encrypting information and letting the administrators come up with policies for storage of data and its retention.

2. Cogneto
Cogneto Company was founded in 2006 by the chief executive officer, Ralph Scobie who derived the title of the company from the term cognition. Cognitive psychology contributed a lot in the development of the risk management goods for the state and online industrial users. The major headquarter of this company lies in the city of Seattle. The company is capable of searching for the academic excellence on cognitive psychology, biometric behavioura and online characteristics for the modern time analysis of certain risks.

3. Cryptolex Trust systems
The company was founded in the year 20003 in Owings, md. Clovis Najm who was experienced in the sales and marketing occupation spearheaded the existence of the company. The devices offered by this company include Mobio handheld which provide firm authentication strategies such as fingerprint scanner, wireless door reader for tangible access and also one time passwords generated by an encryption. Additionally, specific bundle application will allow authentication of Linux or window based computers. The company is worth for watching through combining of several strong authentication strategies in a little handheld equipment convenient for government agencies with free users. The security offered is much applicable to the navy group.

4. Declude
The company was started in the year 2000 at the headquarters of Newburyport, mass. Declude provides antivirus, ant spam and software service protection at servers of mails whose technology tracks the hidden virus. Thus the customers get the assurance of protection of the files and documents in every day’s activities. The worth for watching the company is that it offers security for the email products with the latest version of the servers of smarterMails.

5. Exploit prevention labs
The company existed in the year 2005 by Bob Bales as the Chief executive officer in the headquarters of Marietta, Ga. The main focus of the company is on the prevention of exploitation. Major offers of the company is on the shield of the socket, software on the desktop for network scanning and providing  exploit attack units against the comp[uter desktop such as drives. The company is worth for the user as it focuses on the modern time protection against crimes, exploitations and other threats to control the vulnerable malware targeted which is installed on the personal computer.

6. Koolspan
Koolspan company came to existence in the year 2001 chaired by Tony Fascenda as the chief executive officer in the headquarters of Bethesda, md. This is a company worth in watching because it eliminates the challenge of installation and maintenance of the customer software on the personal computer through the supply of the required software within the token itself. Moreover, its automatic thus providing dual-factor authentication which is demands a different infrastructure.  The common users of the company for provision of security include the Sandia state laboratories.   

7. Network streaming
The company was found in the headquarters of Ridgeland; miss with Joel Bomgaaars in the year 2003. The company is able to provide for security of the personal computer’s remote control and servers. The users can look for a sense of worthiness to this company through its high resolutions to aid desk calls for the customers in a wireless network searching of the remote control.

8. Savant protection
Ken Steinberg was the co-founder of this company in the year 2004 at the headquarters of Nashua, N.H. The main offer of the company is the windows software, and desktops and servers for the Linux with the aim of protection them against malware practices. Therefore, the company plays a role in controlling malware practices.

9. Void communications
The company was founded in New York chaired by Joseph Collins in the year 2005. This company is worth in watching because it shows privacy to electronic communications. The security technology applied allows a breakthrough of technical apps to secure communication apps.

10. Yoggie security systems
The company is traced back in 2005 in the headquarters of Tel Aviv, Israel.  The company provides a entry for protection laptops which is dependent on the possibilities of the security appliances in the window operation.

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