What is the real condition of the Indian Handicraft Industry ? By Alok Jasmatiya

10 February 2018 Business ≈ ECommerce

This article shows the relevance of the Indian Handicraft Industry in India.

The handicraft products of India is very well popular in worldwide. Indian Handicraft industry which is totally have the value of more than 3 billion dollars. India has been the country in the world which export a huge quantity to the worldwide handicraft market since before its independence.

The handicraft sector can open the doors of the total industrial development and growth of any country. Japan alike country which is on the top of industrial development worldwide, has also been able to develop itself by the help of these 90 % handicraft small and medium level industries.

This blog post is not made to tell you the importance of Indian Handicraft industry. The basic motive of the post is to tell you the SWOT ( strength, weakness, opportunity, threat ) analysis of the complete handicraft industry. So without further ado let’s focus on the main topic -

Opportunities of handicraft industry -

  • Large, diversified and potential grooming possibilities.

  • Large demand of handicraft products from the world’s developed economies - USA, canada, germany, britain, france, germany etc.

  • Developing fashion industry, retail, real estate industry have the good demand of the handicraft products.

  • There is the huge demand of the handicraft products in domestic and international trade and tourism sector specially.

  • The larger possibilities of internet marketing trends have led to the rising demand of handicraft products.

Threats of handicraft industry -

  • High level of competition in domestic market

  • increasing prices and unbalanced economies of scales.

  • Indian handicraft products are not able to compete with china and Japan alike countries.

  • Much better industries in the competing countries with much more good technical support and R&D facilities.  

Strengths -

  • Large range of handicraft and wooden furniture products in Indian market at affordable prices.

  • Strong, diversified and supportive retail infrastructure

  • Cheap labor rates and high level of quality

  • Low capital investment

  • Flexible production facilities

  • There is very low legal requirements for the entering competitors

Weaknesses -

  • lack of proper infrastructure

  • lack of media communication and digital media channels and resources

  • inadequate information about the latest trends

  • Very low interest of young people towards handicraft market

  • There are very hidden clusters in Indian Market in rural areas and small cities.

  • lack of promoting products in a different manner with the proper marketing trends

  • lack of government bodies and private parties

Conclusion -

This SWOT analysis of the handicraft industry in India just indicates that there are real possibilities of handicraft sector growth in India but there are real threats and weaknesses in this country which is needed to be improved and it will be improved only by the cumulative efforts of the individuals and government bodies.

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