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Whether it’s a big firm or a startup, the importance of outbound training cannot be neglected. We bring to you top 5 corporate outbound training locations for startups:

Outbound training is necessary for employee engagement in this competitive corporate  world. Through thrilling adventure activities, such training aims at providing the workers with an enriching experience so that they can serve the organization in a better manner.

Whether it’s a big firm or a startup, the importance of outbound training cannot be neglected. We bring to you top 5 corporate outbound training locations for startups:

1. The Della Adventure Park:

The Della Adventure Park is an amusement park meant for corporate groups as well as non-work related trips. Designed by a corporate, the Della Adventure Park has in-depth understanding of the kind of activities which are required to suit the goals and purpose of an outbound training program. It has target driven team activities and also includes extreme adventure activities such as the Rocket Ejector and the Swoop Swing.

The corporate can also organize a fun evening for all its employees at one of the resorts such as the Camp Della Resorts which further fosters employment engagement and help in strengthening their bond. It also serves as the source of recreation by having one of the best restaurants of the city including Café 24 and the ParsiDhaba.

2. Rustic Adventure at Wada:

The Wada Camp covers a space of up to 50 acres of land, which organizes outbound training programs, providing special trainers for this purpose. The rural set up of the Wada camp helps rejuvenates one’s soul through a journey which is unexplored and less chaotic as compared to the hectic city life.

It offers a wide range of activities which can help the employees learn various skills related to coordination, decision making, focus and guide in achieving targets as well as help in understanding the concept of time management. It offers Commando Crossing Activities, Raft building and rowing (water) related activities, and an ideal group activity in the form of a trek to the Khoj Fort.

3. Thrill at Adventure Plus:

The Adventure Plus is one of the largest adventure camps located near Pune in India. It can host a group as large as that of 200 people at a time, becoming one of the most suitable places to organize outbound training sessions by startups.The accommodation includes stay in Swiss tents and also provides conference halls to conduct important meetings. Experiencing group activities aimed at developing skills of the employees in a lush green environment is surely an outbound training session worth the travel.

4. Tapola River Camp:

Located near Mahabaleshwar, popularly referred to as the ‘Mini Kashmire’ of India, The Tapola River Camp is a campsite which provides a learning experience of outbound training in a fun-filled manner as the employees will have to stay in tents during night while they enjoy several activities during the day. Surrounded with the scenic nature and enthralling view of the river Tapola, its adventure activities includes water rides, swimming and the undiscovered joys of experiencing kayaking.In case the corporate wants to organize a group trek which is target driven, it can explore the near-by treks such as the trek to Koyna wildlife sanctuary.

5. Explore Tamini Ghats in Kolad:

The Tamini Ghats provides one of the most beautiful and exotic settings to conduct an outbound training program for a startup. A corporate can conduct both an indoor as well as an outdoor training program at the ghats, with activities planned and designed keeping in mind the luxury, comfort, learning objectives of the company and the recreational element for the employees. The workers also get to enjoy the spellbinding views of the Konkan valley in the eco-friendly place.

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