Why should one follow the recommendations before purchasing the ERP software ? By Alok Jasmatiya

10 February 2018 Computers ≈ Software

This article is based upon the recommendations before purchasing the ERP software.

An ERP software is the cloud based technology which is a medium/ channel for utilizing the people, software and other technical configurations effectively and efficiently. It can make the decision pattern more easy and more smooth and interconnects all the interrelated entities.

But today we are not here to explain the importance, characteristics and other boring stuff which can be nothing more than a headache for you. We are here to explain to you that what are the recommendations which should be considered before purchasing the ERP software. The recommendations are -

  1. Before purchasing the ERP software, company here is to understand that every company has the different work culture and it has to be compatible with the ERP software. It is necessary to understand that the ERP will be compatible for fulfilling the requirements of the company or not.


  1. ERP software is the different set of different modules. There can be some modules which can be more effective for the company and some modules can not be effective for the respected company. The selection of modules should be done on the base of their utility.


  1. Many companies are there which have the promises of reliable software at the level of the lower costs. In this case a company should select the ERP vendor on the basis of their previous clients and testimonials.


  1. Just don’t go to lowest price and other promise oriented promises. Just concentrate on the previous ratings and reviews which can be utilizable for you to understand the product portfolio of the ERP vendor company.


  1. The services and facilities should also be the concentrating point of view in the mindsets of the owner like -


  • technical upgradation

  • 24 X 7 online customer support

  • cost effective solutions

  • Training and procurement details

  • Is there any kind of gateway integration facilities available to the vendor or not ?

Conclusion -

The price is the factor especially in the eyes of the Indian Individuals. In the case of ERP software the price should not be the only case where a customer should focus their priorities on. There are the many other issues, which can be there to implement the ERP software successfully on which an ERP customer should focus on.

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