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24 January 2018 Internet ≈ Email

When you go through gmail login problem, there can be several reasons behind it. But the most common reason behind this problem is incorrect user information.  So do not forget to check the user information and make sure that you are typing correct username and password for your account.  If you are not sure about email password, you may go ahead and try to reset it. But besides incorrect password, there can be some other problems as well, like: server down, application update problem, incoming & outgoing server error etc. that may also cause can’t sign into gmail problem. in this article we are going to describe each and every options to fix the gmail account sign in problem. you may go ahead and read until the end to fix the problem by yourself. After reading the articles, I am sure you will able to recover your email account without calling any technicians at your door.

Gmail is one of the most popular email service provider powered by Google, every generation loves to use its email service because it is very easy and fast. You can use it without having any advanced technical knowledge.

Gmail has been loaded with many useful features like- filter, attachment, IMAP & other email security services as well and according to me, it is one of the most secure email services that we are using in this modern time.  But being a secure email system, there is a disadvantage of this email as well.  If they will find any kind of suspicious activity on your account, or you have forgotten the password, It could be little difficult to log into your account.

So here in this article, I am going to describe what could the reason be behind can’t sign into gmail account, and how can we fix them.

Well, if talk about root cause behind Gmail account login error. It usually comes because of incorrect user details or your account has been temporarily blocked.

So here I am going to describe the problem with the solution. You can go ahead and read it.

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Invalid email password-

Usually, people have such kind of issue only because of the incorrect password. So I will suggest you make sure that you are typing correct password for your email account. If you have any doubt about email password.  You may try to reset gmail password using instructions given below:

•             Open your browser and go to Gmail website.

•             Click on sign in button and type your email.

•             Now you need to click on forgot the password.

•             Here, Google will ask you for the old password. That you remember. So you can type it right there.

•             After typing the old password and press next button, once you will press the next button.

•             Now Gmail will ask you for account verification, you may go ahead and verify your account ownership.

•             After verifying the account ownership, you will get a window to set up a new password. so you can go ahead and setup your new password there.

Note- if you don’t have recovery options, it could be little difficult to reset your account password. Because in that case, you have to fill the account recovery form and send it to gmail.

If Gmail will find all information correct, then only they will give you the access to your account.

Application issue-

If you are planning to log in your account using any third party email application, make sure about settings required for email sign in.

You should have proper knowledge about the incoming and outgoing server. Also, check the update for the application. If there is an update required, you should go ahead and update it immediately.

After updating the email application, you may try to log in again.

Account has been temporarily blocked -

Google might block your email account on the temporary basis if they will find any kind of suspicious activity from your account.

In that case, you have to wait for given period. After that, your account will be automatically unblocked or you may claim for account unblocking by sending account recovery form.








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