TV Antenna Tower Collapse By Winnie Melda

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In the recent past decades, there has been a rise in cases of litigation relating to engineering design. This occurrence has stirred the debate about whether legal responsibility should take precedence over social responsibility.

A valid question is where the responsibility of the design engineer and company end and where the responsibilities of the manufacturer and consumer begin.  The TV Antenna Tower Collapse is a model example of the dilemma involving the social and legal responsibility of design engineers.

From the case, it may appear as though Riggers fabricated and implemented a flawed lifting scheme. This is because they should have tested the lifting lug for safety and effectiveness. This may be the case, but the design engineer has the social responsibility to safeguard the safety and well-being of the public. Antenna Engineering (AE) was aware that they had to provide a properly designed lifting lug for the final antenna section. However, what it provided was only sufficient for lifting the antenna off the delivery truck.

The two companies had a role to protect the disaster. Obviously, AE violated the principal ethical pillar of engineering that holds that engineers ought to safeguard the welfare of the public, in their professional endeavors (Whelan, 1991). AE ought to have done some things differently. First, it could have allowed Riggers remove the microwave baskets, which could have caused Riggers lift the last section of the antenna the way it had done the other sections. Secondly, AE should have recommended an Engineering firm to Riggers for consultation with regards to standards related to bolts and lifting scheme. Even if social responsibility takes precedence over legal liability for the design engineer, the two companies should have worked together and ensure that public safety prevails.



Whelan, J. (1991). Charity and the Duty to Rescue. Social-Theory & Practice, 17 (Fall 1991): 441-56

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