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30 November 2017 Shopping ≈ Electronics

Although Apple's mobile phone has been moving towards the direction of ultimate thin, but most people who bought the Apple iPhone could not help but couple it with a phone case.


Although Apple's mobile phone has been moving towards the direction of ultimate thin, but most people who bought the Apple iPhone could not help but couple it with a phone case. After all, for such an expensive smartphone, there will always be accidental situation of falling, causing different degrees of damage to the phone. But now on the market of mobile phone accessories many fake brands of mobile phone cases are shoddy-quality. May they prevent the phone from screen cracked or scratched, but when involved in good touching experience, not every phone case can guarantee it. Recently Cell Phone Age com released an Apple 6 Plus mobile phone magnetic protective cover with the ultimate skin feels experience very good, now to share with you.


The packing box is with through-window design so that from the front you can see the phone case. The back is a number of product parameters, business information and promotional language. Box in addition to mobile phone cover has no other things. Cell phone case offers deep black, midnight blue, clove purple and other eight colors optional, this section for recommend is gem green. On appearance this mobile phone case has not too much outstanding accept for simple and pure color. Lined with a part of the fiber that can be very good to protect the back of the phone, in the middle part vaguely visible a square slightly raised that is built-in magnetic iron plate.


After inserting your iPhone into phone case, you can see on the back of phone the raised camera is very flat to protect, and Apple's flagship logo has not been covered. On both sides the power and volume keys are with all-inclusive protection, pressing is still flexible and convenient without impact. Side of the mute button and the bottom of the various interfaces are exposed to normal use. Front to see the four corners and the uses of full protection of the edge of the package, meticulous care of every detail, safety and more peace of mind.


The most commendable highlight for this phone case is its touch feeling. The use of liquid silicone material is full of slight matte texture. Soft material will offer better buffer protection when phone falls from high place. Touch it delicate like baby skin, experience feels good. 7.9mm installed thickness is still light and thin, easy to carry.


This mobile phone case comes with magnetic adsorption so that it can directly absorb the car bracket more firmly and more conveniently. Unfortunately, I had the original mobile phone magnetic car bracket was worn by my daughter, and now exchange to the clip-type bracket, this feature is not useful. So you’d better leave your mobile phone away from children when driving.


Overall, this carefully crafted light magnetic protective cover is absolutely worthy of buying. Although not close to the operation of bare metal feeling, but it brings ultimate skin feeling smooth and smooth, touch comfortable just like girlfriend’s hand. Moreover full-edged and corner reinforcement design can bring comprehensive and effective protection for your phone.


In 2017 there are a variety of popular phone protective cases for iPhone series launched at market. With fashionable and high-temperament outlook mobile phone cases have become necessity for most users. Some is with design higher than the camera, effectively prevent the camera wear, 360 ° package edge gives you all-round protection, multi-color optional, universal for male and female. Some are coupled with a little bear pendant that very personalized fashion, upgraded creative metal stent looks not only durable but also very practical. Some are high-strength fit protective shell, precisely positioning hole, the original machine open mode, independent button, creating a more practical operating experience. Either for horizontal screen watching movies or vertical screen to enjoy live show, it’s very wild! Beautiful color, very stylish personality, slim appearance, feels more comfortable. Some mobile phone cases come with reserved hole, so that you can use a lanyard to hang your phone around neck, very convenient and practical, all-inclusive design, giving you more secure protection.


In addition, a matte phone shell is also a very smart choice. It is suitable for iPhone6 / 6s / 6s plus / 7 / 7 plus models, made of imported environmentally friendly materials, four-layer spray coating + nano-coating to ensure that the color is bright and scratch-resistant sweat. This phone case open mode according to the real shape of mobile phone, the corner with a micro-structure, so that seismic ability stronger, back is 0.2mm higher than the camera, effectively prevent mobile phone from daily wear and tear. At the same time the phone shell also comes with a ring bracket, one hand operation is very easy without worrying about dropping from high. It also support any adjustment on angle, it is especially helpful for those who like watching video on phone.


It suits most iPhone models, includes Apple IPhone 6 / 6s / 6 Plus / 6s Plus / 7 / 7 Plus. It’s 100% brand-new high-quality phone case. TPU back case designed with 3D soft silicone cartoon animal, cute and novel. Poke it, squish it, rub it and get that amazing feeling! Captivating the lazy and sleepy side to our feline friends, this phone case is sure to put a smile on your face and help to relieve stress by touching squishy kitty belly. There’s an adorable and squishy cat lying on this essential accessory piece, this case will always be guarded by your loyal and lovely kitty. Soft TPU protects your phone from collision and the surface against scratch marks, dust, fingerprints.

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Finally Cell Phone Age for you recommends the new arrived Novel Soft Silicone Cute Kitty Cat Back Protective Phone Case Cover.

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