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25 November 2017 Computers ≈ Software

The organization is leading and growing Software development company dealing with different projects with an experience of providing complete software solutions.

Managing the attendance was the old technique through pen and paper, technology has reached a level which has reduced human efforts. Attendance and Time Management is the important part of the HR system, the organization has delivered a product i.e electronic attendance devices which is the need for the core customers. Moreover, the devices like Biometric device, RFID Card based devices and Face Recognition system can be used for attendance purposes. The Organization believes in staying connected with the latest technology with the continuous improvement in all processes with the best IT partners for all solutions.

What the Company does:


Technology is reaching to the height, wherein the Biometric Attendance is the biggest achievement of the latest technology. The organization is the best service provider of Biometric Attendance System in Mumbai    , who delivers the services with the high standard quality with cost-effectiveness prices. The different specialization of biometric attendance include Providing system local voice, Casing-making, Software analysis, Adjust image distortion, assure fingerprint matching consistency and Accept ODM or OEM. Moreover, all enterprises, tax, bank, factory and corporate offices use the biometric attendance system in Mumbai to keep the record maintained.

The organization delivers the best quality Payroll and HR Management software which reduces human efforts and helped to maintain the record of the corporation without a hassle. The organization delivers the best Payroll and HR Management Software in Mumbai  , which is used to generate computerized PF, loans, pay slip and many other government forms which are related to accounting activities and HR as well. The payroll and HR Management software is made for both the small enterprises and large enterprises who attendance purposes and generating payrolls in lesser time with cost-effectiveness.

There are different features of Payroll and HR management software which includes Keep a track of employee’s records, Automatic creation of all kinds of HR/accounts reports, High-speed processing, Maintain all the payroll activities, Attendance Register, Optimum flexibility to run after changes in govt. policies and  Generate Pay slips.

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