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25 November 2017 Health ≈ Medicine

Have you gone on to receive a reminder from your doctor whether an abnormal pap smear during pregnancy common has turned positive and they need to talk to you. If these are the words of your health care provider you tend to feel a lot uneasy and wonder where to go ahead. But there is no need to press the panic button as it works out to be something that can be treated if detected at an early stage. If you have one or are keen to avoid, it then you would need to be aware of the causes behind it.

The main cause of abnormalities in cervix is HPV. This is a form of sexually transmitted disease that can go on undetected for a long period of time and that too without any symptoms. Some of the types of HPV are of high risk types and can lead to abnormal Pap smear pregnant situation. The lower risk ones may cause a small abnormality in your cervix. Close to 15 million people are infected by HPV and men or women who are sexually active become victims of HPV at one point of time. For this reason you would need to be part of annual screenings to detect cervical abnormalities or HPV. Some of the common causes of HPV are infection, inflammation

It is suggested that you become part of a Pap smear test before you become sexually active. It could be possible that yearly check-ups are needed but a gynaecologist can provide you with a better idea on why there is a need for a pap test. In the US one of the most common causes of death is cervical cancer. But if you undertake a concise research, then over the last few years, there has been reduction in cervical cancer deaths by close to 50 %. The main cause is due to routine pap tests. But with the projects pointing to more cervical cancer deaths in the near future, testing still continues to be very important. When there are regular screening tests, this does increase the chances of finding cellular changes and the treating them.

The results of a pap test may show a few mild cells to abnormal changes on a higher level. They are not going to progress to a different level if you are pregnant and trust me there is not going to have any impact on your pregnancy as well. If there are minor cellular changes it is going to be normal after the birth of your baby. If moderate cellular changes are observed then colposcopies along with routine Pap smear tests can be performed after delivery. In some cases treatment is delayed till the time of delivery. If it is found at an early stage of pregnancy, the doctor may ask you to terminate your pregnancy. But it is safe to continue treatment when you are pregnant. There is going to be a slight level of bleeding which is more than the normal self if you undertake Pap smear when pregnant.

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