HE WALKED ME UPSTAIRS TO HIS BED ROOM AND POLITELY ASKED IF HE COULD TIE ME UP…: A girl’s story of her first escorting day. By Lowe

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I had just become 20 and I did not have much experience, I did not have a problem with the social standing of becoming a hooker although later it beca

I had just become 20 and I did not have much experience, I did not have a problem with the social standing of becoming a hooker although later it became aproblem for me and my family and partners that I became really secretive about it. In the beginning, there were a number of things I simply knew existed but hadn't done or encountered.
My fist customer was an older client that I had found on an adult dating site, we arranged a 1 hour meet at his apartment in the surburbs and I was not sure of how I was to get there, I woke up really early on the day and set off leaving enough time not to get there late but surprisingly got there almost an hour early and knocked on the door anyway, luckily he was in and he did not have a problem with me getting there very early.
He gave me £150 on arrival and took me straight to his bedroom, he then told/ordered me to go down and blow him to which I agreed, not very sure of what was expected of me I took my shirt off, went down on my knees and did my best for a while which seemed like for ever, at some point, he held my head tightly and came in my mouth practically choking me but I played the pro I wanted him to view me as… After that, we just lay on his bed cuddling, kissing and talking for the rest of the time.
For some odd reason because this more mature guy practically 30yrs older had appeared to be content with me with all my faults and naivety, the encounter made me really feel powerful at last, the intoxicating sense of I’m really worth something turned addictive.
I eventually in my prostitute career settled for four repeat clients, all but 1 were just lonely older men who needed to get their rocks off and have some company. They took care of me well but paid me better, with the four of them I was getting about £1000 a month which was not bad for a student girl.

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