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7 October 2017 Art ≈ Visual Art

This article refers to who really uses Illustration which means where exactly illustrations are used in which field and sector

A great saying.... "An illustration is a visual editorial - it's just as nuanced. Everything that goes into it is a call you make: every color, every line weight, every angle."


We can say illustration as a picture or image that is used to decorate or clarify a text. Nowadays it is used everywhere. Here we have listed few examples where we can use Illustrations.


1.Book illustrations:These days the books have been changed from text to pictures, as visualization of things has a greater impact in our minds. The book illustrations are mainly used in children's book, comic books, activity books. We can even use this on book covers. Nowadays any book you read it had illustration. From children's book to magazines each book has some illustration.


2.Illustration in advertising: A picture is worth a thousand words. Advertising thrives on creativity and the creativity comes with an illustration. Illustration plays a vital role in promoting or advertising products as the illustrator creates the images of the products to the target audience in the most attractive way. Advertising is for audience to make them understand the value of product and illustration plays an important role for that.


3.Illustration in web design: In the Internet world today, web design is an essential factor and illustration tends to perform two important functions at one time. It beautifies while it clarifies.Viewers connect with illustrated narratives faster and more easily. The very first impression of any company comes from it's website, so web designing comes into picture. A smooth and eye-catching Cathy website can be created from illustration.


4.Illustration in E-mail:

An easy way to explain the conceptual E-mail message is illustration. Different types of illustration can be used to make your e-mail attractive. To explain the abstract process spot illustration can be used to bring life to your process. To catch the audience eye illustrated animated gif can be used. To add punch to the key message and header illustration header can be used. These are few examples, a lot of illustration we can use to design our emails.


These are few examples where Illustration can be used. But Illustration is not limited to this specific field or sector. Illustration is a broad term and it can be used easily in every sector. To get the best of illustrations work doodle genie is there to help you.

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