Top 10 Qualities That Make a Great Leader By Vincy Mol

9/13/2017 Business ≈ Leadership

In the business where there is an involvement of the human population, it is important that there is a proper culture that is maintained in the premises of the company since it is necessary to give the people a good environment to work and deal in.

A good leader should possess the following characteristics:

Empathy: It the leader is empathetic to the subordinates, they will be more motivated to do their work. Thus a leader should possess the quality to understand various issues in detail and solve it empathetically.

Honesty: Honesty is that value which makes the leaders admirable and credible to others. If a leader is honest, it can be ensured that he will take the right decision without discriminating and never try to achieve own interest.

Directive: The leader must have the quality to direct the employees in complex situations and guide them adequately whenever needed.

Positive Attitude: This is the main factor in what a leader should excel to boost the motivation of the team members in any work. If the leader shows negative attitude, team management and accomplishment of team objectives cannot be met.

Innovativeness: Innovation in decisions is the main tool in today’s world to adopt change. The leader should have creative ability in designing the guidelines how to do the tasks and should able to communicate and encourage team members for sharing their innovative ideas that the best decision can be taken.

Charismatic Personality: The personality of the leaders must have the extra factor to attract and influence subordinates. They should present themselves as examples that the team members will follow blindly.

Mentoring ability: The leader should have enough technical and theoretical knowledge to guide the team members. In any problems they should act as a mentor to overcome from the issues. The leaders have to take charge of the skill development of the team members and improve their performance.

Conviction: The leader must possess the quality of strong vision and should be able to forecast the future outcomes. They need to be driven by company’s objectives, goal, mission and vision strongly that can set clear directions for the team.

Interpersonal skill: Soft skill interpersonal skill, good body language, transparent and influencing communication skill make the leaders distinct than others.

Motivating skills: The leader should be able to motivate others in the work to achieve organizational objectives.

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