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7 August 2017 Shopping ≈ Electronics

The new launched by Cell Phone Age com wrap-around full body protection phone case for iPhone 7 includes the front cover.

Leather phone case


1. It can give the phone to add texture sense: to the beloved phone sets on the leather case, it will feel become completely different.

2. High grade and decent: the expensive bags are all made of leather, and the same using a leather phone shell virtually improves their identity and mobile phone grade.

3. It is very formal: if it is wearing a suit of business people, come up with leather iPhone 7 plus mobile phone shell can be very good and correspond to their own dress.

4. Better ability of heat passing: we all know that the phone will create heat while processing, and leather phone shell often has good breathable performance.

5. Reduce the buffer: the biggest function of mobile phone case is to protect the phone, and leather material can be a good way to reduce the buffer to achieve the purpose of protecting the phone.



1. Bad water resistance: leather phone is the most afraid of water, and its own design of the shell will have gap while cutting, coupled with the leather is very easy to seepage.

2. Increase the volume: For those who like the phone in the pocket, the leather phone shell is not so convenient.

3. Fake leather phone shell trouble: the market is quite a mixed bag where a lot of artificial leather is posing as real leather in the sale.

Leather phone shell can be used in four seasons, because the climate will not affect his strengths and weaknesses.



Need to prepare the cleaning tools: cotton swabs, dry wipes, leather maintenance oil, sponge, toilet paper, cleaning agents.

1. Stains cleaning method: If it is encountered sticky stains, which is necessary to use a little detergent, with a small amount of cotton swab evenly applied to the stains, you can achieve the effect of removing stains.

2. Sweep water or drink method: If you are not careful in life, such as drinking liquids and other sprinkled on the leather phone shell when we sponge or toilet paper diluted with water, with a detergent applied to the stains (if it is Water, then do not need to use a clean agent), and then let it naturally dry on the line.

Leather apple phone shell must not be able to use water to clean, because the leather is not able to touch the water, stained with water in the wet weather is easy to mold.

3. If a leather phone shell is very frequent use, it is recommended that you do a maintenance week, wipe the phone with a leather shell, so that not only can be a simple cleaning, but also to increase the brightness of the phone shell, the phone is not easy Wear.

4. If the leather phone shell accidentally stained with water, we must not be in the sun, or dry, it will greatly shorten the service life.

5. If it is relatively lazy friends in the usual when not applicable, you can use a mobile phone bag installed, and this can also be a good protection of the leather phone shell.


Plastic phone case


1. Light: This is also the same as the silicone case, very light, and very many manufacturers are introduced in the form of ultra-thin.

2. easy to increase the process: this aspect in the type of mobile phone shell has also been reflected, because the cost of hand plastic mobile phone shell is low, so we would like to increase the process.

3. Thermal good: the back of the fact that I do not have to say, the thermal effect has always been the biggest advantage of plastic mobile phone shell.

4. Will not interfere with the signal: this is actually very easy to be ignored, but as long as we and metal mobile phone shell will have a clear contrast.



1. No anti-heat: I believe we all know the principle of thermal expansion and contraction, and plastic mobile phone shell in the case of high temperature is easy to deformation.

2. Easy to damage: in the case of too low temperature, plastic mobile phone shell will become easy to break, so it brought the protection of the phone not so good.

3. Not anti-dirty: piano paint shell and smooth shell easy to stick to the fingerprint, which will appear relatively dirty phone shell.

4. Low degree of beauty: because the plastic is a cheap material and lifetime is short, many manufacturers are reluctant to for plastic mobile phone shell coloring and pattern.



1. Away from high temperature and flame which are the biggest enemy of plastic such very low point of burning material, if the plastic shell melt it may directly cause mobile phone damaged.

2. To avoid folding, as plastic mobile phone shell is very easy to deformation. If it is hard plastic shell, then it is easy to break. When taking the phone out shell must not be too much powerful.

3. Regular cleaning, as plastic mobile phone shell is also a sticky dusty item, especially in the gap it is particularly easy to draw dust. It is recommended that within a week to conduct a simple cleaning once.

4. Plastic phone shell is relatively good waterproof performance, so in the cleaning time with a wet towel to rub on it. If it is the corner and other cracks, you can use a small toothbrush to clean.

5. For more stubborn stains, because the plastic phone shell is grunge for a few immune, most stubborn stains can basically be a simple removal.

6. For very stubborn stains, such as chewing gum, paint, glue and other sticky very strong stains, it is recommended that you use the wind oil drops on the toothbrush to clean, we must not use gasoline or corrosive liquid for cleaning which will cause damage to the phone shell, while may will also cause harm to human.

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The new launched by Cell Phone Age com wrap-around full body protection phone case for iPhone 7 includes the front cover, back cover and a free tempered glass film, which will protect your loved phone, scratches and shatter. The shell is according to the real device.  

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