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17 November 2016 Technology ≈ Advancements

[TC] 2isa market leader in providing excellent 3 D body scanners for the purpose of 3 Dmeasurements andvisualization at affordable prices.

Advancement in technology has brought drastic changes in measurement methods adopted in apparel industry. Earlier techniques such as 3-D scanning were part of the automotive and mechanical industry but now this technology is used globally for various apparel applications such as apparel mass customization. The body scanner is like a dressing room. It employs laser technology to generate the accurate dimensions of human body. The most widely used 3 D scanners are equipped with four columns, each column containing eye laser. Light triangulation, stereo photogrammetry, phase measurement profilometry and moir fringes are some of the prominent techniques used in 3D body scanning technologies.

These 3 D scanners just require 1 second to completely scan a human body. The data obtained during this 3 D measurement is directly transferred to a computer program for designing the apparels. Pattern making software play a vital role in clothing and fashion industry. Through these softwares various types of designs and shapes can be created virtually. An exact point to point measurement of a body can be achieved employing 3 D scanning technology. This technology is gaining popularity in fitness and medical industry as well. The 3 D body scanners can exactly determine your body volume, body to waist ratio and body fat.

Softwares and Computer Aided Design are also prominent of apparel and textile industry. With the help of CAD tools, innovative designs can be created in few hours. Moreover, these softwares can also be used to make impressive presentations and product catalogues that can appreciably improve your marketing. Technologies such as Image Twin have brought a revolution in the field of online shopping. With the aid of Image Twin, you can create your virtual 3 D avatar and try on clothes that you wish to purchase. There are some remarkable companies that provide reliable 3 D body scanners. [TC] 2 Is a market leader in providing excellent 3 D body scanners for the purpose of 3 D measurements and visualization at affordable prices.

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[TC]2 is one of the pioneers in offering breakthrough 3 D body scanners as well as pattern software. The 3 D body scanners provided by this company are widely used in medical field, fashion industry as well as in fitness centers.


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