Multi-Cloud Monitoring: Automation & Cost Analytics By Samuel Greg

15 October 2016 Technology ≈ Advancements

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Cloud management based systems can access the clouds' API, which helps them in various tasks such as, reacting to the data, managing the tasks on behalf of those who are using it to manage the clouds. Cloud management is an important part of cloud computing that means designed software technologies that help in monitoring and operating applications and offloading your cloud or data to a third party. It helps reduce the stress of maintaining data files. A cloud management tool allows you to ensure cloud computing and includes near-real-time analyzing of data and secondly, the ability to layer into the cloud.

With the latest technology, business world is now demanding best of breed cloud management services to enhance the optimal solution. Cloud management platforms are successfully influencing cloud environments. The most important reason behind using cloud management system is that clients do not have to worry about their on-call logistics, downtime, and performance graph. Cloud services solve the problems before they occur. For instance, if you own a mission critical application, you cannot afford to have any layoff. It is required to have a 24/7 available assistance service to guide you and your team at any given moment of time. Cloud management services help you in monitoring all the applications through tracking feature rollouts, traffic spikes, analyze and optimize costs, etc. When your application is not working properly due to an influx of users, cloud management system automatically scales your applications.

Information is one of essential aspects of any business. Data safety and data recovery are the two beneficial tasks that cloud management system provides you. It can also manage or limit the number of cloud resources of any organization and its division, application team or working groups. There are many reasons behind adopting cloud-based platforms in business. It is identified as business performance resourcing and cost reduction platform. Cloud system is now a mainstream business entity, as almost 90 percent of businesses rely on cloud management system. A business data grows in volume; it is less practical to maintain it without cloud-based system, which is why many companies are choosing cloud management based system to improve their performance. A cloud-based data management system can simply reduce the costs of managing and scaling big data. As your business increases, it accumulates more data and you require more assistance. You can store all your data in a cloud-based platform which is helpful and much cheaper than hardware storage.

A monitoring tool is usually an app that allows monitoring AWS resources and applications running on Amazon infrastructure. It helps real-time monitoring of AWS resources such as Amazon EC2 instances, Amazon Elastic Block Store volumes, and Amazon database. It automatically offers metrics for CPU utilization and users can specify an extra metric to be monitored like memory usage, transaction volumes, and error rates.

You can monitor AWS, Google Cloud and Azure with Unigma as it monitors current status information and sends you policy-driven alerts. Unigma also provides one of the best cloud cost calculators on the market and is very useful in case you want to compare prices among public clouds.

With Unigma anyone can analyze data and troubleshoot any problem easily and quickly. The cloud management system helps you create customer and internal reports in just a few seconds, so as to enhance your business performance

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Unigma is the leading monitoring tool for MSPs. It is a reliable cloud monitoring platform, specially designed to help business professionals. You can get quick alerts and solutions of any data based issue. Its key services include monitoring, reporting of AWS monitoring and so forth.

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