Documentary filmmaking: A Perfect Blend of Entertainment and Reality By vilas singh

3 October 2016 Art ≈ Visual Art

The line of documentary filmmaking is becoming popular by the day as people today are not afraid of facing realities. They embrace their good and bad points and work hard to make this world a better place.

Films are indeed a very powerful and entertaining medium to put forth an idea to the public. There is hardly anyone in the world who does not watch movies and in fact everyone loves watching one from time to time. Documentary movies, as the name suggest bring forward a certain event by its entertaining and informational content. Documentary filmmaking has been around for quite some time now and has definitely grown leaps and bounds.

There are many kinds of movies such as some focus only on entertaining people and is a work of fiction while there are some movies that relate only to reality and those are addressed as documentaries. Documentary filmmaking is an art that god has bestowed only on some people and they do their job commendably. People love watching such movies as they are meaningful and serve a particular purpose. A short definition of a documentary can be: a movie with a viewpoint of its own. Many documentaries have been made over the years and have received amazing reviews from people and critics.

It has to be understood that documentary filmmaking is very different from a usual filmmaking as the former does not involve and sets or props. There are no actors involved in the process too and real people play their own part in the movie. A documentary basically describes a culture or an event by filming the movie with real people involved with the same. It is overall a very enthralling experience to make a documentary movie and even more to watch a well-made one. People who wish to pursue their careers in this line can obviously study the art of documentary film making as there are many schools across the globe that offer such courses.

Other than captivating, documentary filmmaking can also be very controversial in nature as it deals with realities. Everyone in the world have their own viewpoint. Some people in society may approve of the documentaries whereas some groups or people who disapprove of the entire idea of the movie. Hence the makers of such movies must be prepared to handle such situations. The filmmakers of documentary face many kinds of challenges apart from the reviews they might get for their movie. As discussed earlier that documentaries do not have sets or props plus the crew of the movie is also small as compared to usual film crew.

The people involved in the film making carry out all the tasks with limited means and even then are able to construct a masterpiece for the viewers. Documentaries work like a mirror to the society and the issues it faces on an everyday basis. Technology plays a vital role when it comes to filmmaking of any kind and with advancements in technology many positive upgrades have been made to the entire film industry. Digital means have entered the picture and with the help of digital cameras the filmmakers are able to capture mesmerizing shots that can captivate anyone and everyone.

There is so much to know about Documentary filmmaking as this line of profession is certainly very intriguing to learn and pursue. Over the years the filmmakers have only diverted their efforts in growing the film industry and their efforts are definitely not in vain. Today there are many professional filmmakers across the globe that makes documentaries that touch the lives of many. These movies reflect the ongoing events in way that people can relate and also take lessons from them. One can find many such artists who work with their talented team and create entertaining wonders.

The art of filmmaking is a gift and some people use their gift to the fullest in order to help the society in any way they can. Documentaries document real life issues and send a powerful message to the people. 

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