Why Get a PhD in Health Administration? By Raj Kumar

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if you have a keen interest in life sciences, and would like to contribute to the society by being a part of clinical research in order to help in the development of better drugs for diseases, it becomes necessary for you to hone and gear up your profile in the field of clinical research.

Your option of opting for healthcare management and policy phd and an advanced degree requires careful consideration. This is why it becomes necessary for you to select a degree which will be able to hone your skills that are needed to move in the direction of greater career opportunity.

Our academics have an international reputation for research that shapes the agendas of scholarship and practice. 

The institute also provides you with office space, PCs, access to major business databases and a wide range of online research tools and resources.
The Benefits of ICRI 

Access to the resources of a premier university
Association with a leading academic medical center
Combined business and health care curriculum
Excellent summer and permanent job placement
Focus on both private and public health sectors
Outstanding faculty with diverse research and practical experience
Small faculty to student ratio
Small, individualized program

Our PhDs are traditional. You will be expected to submit an extended thesis that demonstrates your ability to pursue academically rigorous scholarly research when you have completed your course and makes an original contribution to knowledge.

You will as part of your studies regarding PhD in Healthcare & Hospital Management, undertake a tailored programme of formal research training in methods and methodology. Alongside this, the institute also offers the students with specific structured training for our PhD students. The researchers of the PhD program also organise and run their own annual research conference and attend research group seminars.

The Ideal Candidate
    Excellent undergraduate education
    Outstanding written and verbal skills; and/or community service experience is an advantage
    Strong motivation for senior leadership position in the health care sector

Personal Maturity
This innovative and pioneering course will develop you for a leadership career in:
o    Health Services Research: investigating and solving the challenges facing healthcare design and delivery
o    Healthcare Management: leading the delivery and transformation of healthcare services
o    Policy Development: setting the agenda for how we will solve the healthcare problems of the future

The programme concerning healthcare management and policy phd is for two years.  It also includes a one year paid work placement which is designed to help you gain essential experience with a prestigious organisation and enhance your career prospects.
What is the Career Outlook?

Opportunities in PhD in Healhtcare & Hospital Management are expected to increase. As a graduate of a Ph.D. program in healthcare administration you will be able to work vin the healthcare industry such as the following:

Opportunities in the Healthcare for the Executives
This is an exciting time for healthcare management. It is an industry which requires talented people to help introduce and manage the changes taking place. In their roles, healthcare executives have an opportunity to make a significant contribution to improving the health of the communities their organizations serve. Due to the changes in transformation career options for healthcare executives are becoming more diverse. Increasingly, positions for healthcare executives are available in numerous settings such as:

Ambulatory care facilities
Chief financial officer
Chief of nursing
Consulting firms
Healthcare associations
Healthcare provider vice president
Healthcare system president or CEO
Home health agencies
Hospital president
Hospitals and hospital systems
Integrated delivery systems
Long-term care facilities
Managed care organizations (such as HMOs and PPOs)
Medical group practices
Mental health organizations
Public health departments
University or research institutions

Despite the fact that the healthcare administration doctoral programs primarily prepare you for healthcare industry leadership, you will also be asked to work at a university or college as a president, dean or professor.

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