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13 December 2017 Home ≈ Interior Design

Glass pendant lights Perth are functional, versatile and attractive at the same time.

Interior designers are of the opinion that the interior décor of a house is incomplete if the space is not installed with proper lights. It is due to the fact that all the other elements such as wall paintings, furniture and piece of art are highlighted well only with proper setting of lighting fixtures. So, if you are planning to upgrade the interior décor of your house, then it is of utmost importance that you install the place with proper set of lights.


However, it is not an easy task to select the right lighting fixtures, since the market is over flooded with numerous categories of lights and you are supposed to choose the fixtures according to the setting of your house. In addition to that, the selection of the fixtures depends on the trending interior décor. Out of the available lighting fixtures, pendant lights are considered the best, as they compliment all types of interior décor. But, if you have no idea as for how to choose this particular type of fixture, then this article will help you out. Here, in this article, some of the types of pendent lights are discussed that will help you to select the right one for your house.




Glass pendant lights Perth are functional, versatile and attractive at the same time. These lights can be used almost in every room, starting from kitchen and dinning room to bedroom and bathroom. They add style and functionality, especially when they are used in multiples over dinning table or kitchen counter.




If you want to add style, elegance and vibrant colours in your personal space, then you can fix shade pendant over there. These fixtures are usually made of jute and various other trendy fabrics. They are also available in different shapes and designs, and can positively compliment the interior décor.




Bowl pendant lights come with a small bowl affixed to the bottom of a center rod. The bowl of the fixtures can be held by two-three short chains and attached to the main pendant. This type of fixtures looks good in the dinning room and accordingly creates a classic setting.




These types of the lighting fixtures are generally placed in the entrance hall or the corridor. Apart from that, they can be placed in outdoor location like, in front of the door. They offer a traditional look, since they are made of metal cage surround by glass and the light source inside it.


These are some of the types of pendants that you can consider for your house in order to upgrade the interior décor. Apart from the above discussed, there are various other light pendants Perth available which you can select for your personal space, based on your requirements.

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