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Rewire your brain for success
26 November 2019 Self Help ≈ Motivational

For a very long time, we have been told that our brains can never changed from the way they wired at birth. This is however not the case. Recent studies have proven that our brains can be rewired for success as we grow up. Actually, the truth is, our brains are constantly being reshaped by our life experiences. This however doesn’t mean that your experiences in life have the power of dictati

A package of choice to become successful in your life
26 November 2019 Self Help ≈ Coaching

Life is technically a package of choice. The choices you make determine who you become in future. When you make positive choices, you definitely become successful but when you make negative choices, the results are evident. Although there are some circumstances we go through in life that tends to dictate where we end, 90% of what you become is solely your choice. One of the lessons we learn fro

A Delhi Call Girl Who Guides To Perform Pleasurable Sex
19 July 2019 Self Help ≈ Stress Management

The Delhi escort or Delhi call girl profession has been thriving and the society has been more receptive to the idea of escorting. More people are taking the services of call girls for physical and mental relaxation. There are multiple reasons as why a person hires a call girl. The foremost is, to experience fun and pleasure in the company of beautiful angels. I am Preet Kaur, a young profess

Preet Kaur
Motivation required post pregnancy
1 June 2019 Self Help ≈ Motivational

I am a male who according to the law of nature, cannot give birth to a new life. Most of our religious gurus and books which people ardently follow does mention about how an individual who saves a life is next to God but what does it have to say about the Creator of that life? A Life can only be saved after it has been created and only a woman makes it possible. Now let’s understand the e

digitech jr
I Am With You
31 May 2019 Self Help ≈ Motivational

Hey there, How is it going for you? If it has been bad then forget that for a while and put yourself at ease while you read this, please do. You don’t feel like doing it? Don’t worry and just note,” I am with you”. I may be insignificant to you but even then I vow to be with you. I can very well feel the pain and sadness that you might be experiencing because of so

digitech jr
Light The Hope Of Life With Positive Energy
30 May 2019 Self Help ≈ Motivational

In this fast-paced modern world, where our daily life is no less than a competition, it is too hard to stay positive – all the time. I admit it! But it is honestly not impossible! So, when I say positive, what do I mean? Do you know what was the one thing common between Buddha, Mahatma Gandhi and Thomas Edison? It was positive energy! The positive energy in Buddha led him to the p

digitech jr
The Distractions That Divide Us
6/13/2018 Self Help ≈ Goal Setting

Here is an excerpt from Tae Yun Kim’s new book, SEVEN STEPS TO INNER POWER, where she discusses DISTRACTIONS: Engaging your body and mind to act as one takes determination and concentration.  For instance, say you have set a goal of winning a marathon race. Your mind says, “This is an important priority.  I want to win. I want to use all my spare time building up my s

Tae Yun Kim
BDSM: a few tips to know before venturing
5 April 2018 Self Help ≈ Stress Management

You've probably heard of BDSM - especially since the bestseller "50 Shades of Gray" - but do you really know what it means and what you need to know about these practices before you venture into it? BDSM: 4 letters that mean what, exactly? BDSM is an acronym itself built using 3 associated acronyms: BD for Bondage (attachment technique) and Disciplines, DS for Domination and Su

Gary Shynch
HEALTH AND SEX WORK: Write-Up by Londons escorts
25 January 2018 Self Help ≈ Stress Management

The public’s knowledge about call girls is mainly based on media stereotypes, at one extreme, we see examples of hookers with hearts of gold in movies such as Taxi Driver, while at the other extreme we are exposed to images of haggerd Streetwalking hookers in black fishnet stockings, knee-length boots involved in drug use. The Cinderella experience of the Julia Roberts character in the &ldqu

WAR12 is just around the corner
17 January 2017 Self Help ≈ Motivational

Wieldy known as the pioneer of obstacle races in the UAE, Wadi Adventure race series has evolved as the as the ultimate obstacle course for both amateur and professional athletes, the 12th edition of the grueling adventure race; Wadi Adventure Race (WAR) 12 will take place at Wadi Adventure in Al Ain on Saturday, January 14, 2017 at 8AM onwards.   Wadi Adventure Race is divided into 5KM

The Young Vision
Taking A Note About The Confined Space Training Bc As An Entrepreneur
6 December 2016 Self Help ≈ Coaching

Health and safety is something that all is concerned about. As this is mandatory in the daily lives, it is also significant in the working space; therefore, there are sectors who have taken up the responsibility in understanding about the figuration of the safety in the work. Be it within the office area or in the field, all deserves to be safe and secure therefore all the individual sectors have

Empire Safety Solutions
With An Initiative To Fall Protection Training Langley BC And Beyond
6 December 2016 Self Help ≈ Coaching

A workplace is not only about the work environment, techniques of the work and the working hours. Safety plays a significant role in your workplace. More or less all workers spent eight or more hours of a day in their working station. It is important to get catered about the facts and figures of the working place. Apart from the technical knowledge, it is imperative to have an idea about the entir

4 Smart Ways to Select Gumboots and Safety Shoes
2 December 2016 Self Help ≈ Advice

The daily work of civil engineers and is a highly challenging one. They are highly vulnerable to feet related injuries caused by the fall of heavy objects. Keeping the welfare of their employees in mind, most organisations have made it mandatory for their workers to wear safety shoes and gumboots while working on construction sites.  Wearing safety shoes will ensure that you receive a high le

Daily horoscopes : Guide on the general mood of the day
12 September 2016 Self Help ≈ Motivational

Have you ever given a thought that is there any truth to believe that the stars and planetary moves decide our destiny? Some people take it just as plain fun while others take it quite seriously. There’re also people who don’t make any major decision without checking out the daily horoscope first. When it comes to the information about the general mood of the day, they’re worth r

Russell Grant
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