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5 essential things for children's book illustration
23 September 2017 Art ≈ Visual Art

A great saying by Orhan Pamuk “A  children’s book illustration that does not complement a story, in the end, will become but a false idol. Since we cannot possibly believe in an absent story, we will naturally begin believing in the picture itself.”   Here I have listed down the 5 essential things for children's book illustration. So let’s get started.

Astrologer In Pune - Search Astrologer In Pune
15 September 2017 Art ≈ Humanities

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5 facts about Illustration Everyone thinks are True
13 September 2017 Art ≈ Visual Art

'Illustration' the second thought that comes to our mind by hearing this word is drawing, sketch, figure. But illustration is much more than that. Since many of the people are not well aware of this sector, there are various myths about illustration. Here I have noted down 5 facts that people think is true about illustration. 1. Children’s books are only for kids: Many adults

What is 3D Animation? How is it Very Different from 2D Animation
9/9/2017 Art ≈ Visual Art

Take a piece of paper and sketch a simple figure on it (a cat, a dog or anything that comes to your head). Let’s say it is a cat and it is facing you from that sheet of paper. So you have the front view of the cat in front of you. Suppose if you feel that you want to see the cat from a side, will it help if you rotate the paper or flip it? No. Why? It is simply because the sketch you have dr

Some good reasons for buying oil paintings
9/6/2017 Art ≈ --select sub Category--

If you are planning to buy commercial oil painting for your home it is very significant to determine the reason for purchasing the painting. Usually reason behind buying essential oil painting falls directly into three categories: design, collection or investment. This post follows some good tips so that you can decide the type would be best suited for you. Commonly people are interested buying

Johnny Wayne
11 August 2017 Art ≈ Dance

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How Teledentistry is Helping Patients and Health Practitioners
27 July 2017 Art ≈ Antiques

Taking proper care of oral health is of utmost importance if one wishes to eradicate any possibilities of severe oral health conditions in the future. Oral conditions can cause painful and hazardous health consequences when left untreated. With the excellent advances in dentistry, there are enough treatments and techniques that can cure and prevent all sorts of oral conditions. Dentists are using

Frank Curtis
Where I Can Get Online Royalty Free Stock Photos?
20 July 2017 Art ≈ Theater

Nowadays almost every business has its dedicated website or online portal to grab the attention of people and to target customers online. For this they utilise eye-catchy and meaningful photographs for different subjects and categories as per their choice. Using a photograph without certain ownership is legal as well as suitable for your business’s goodwill. This very idea gave birth to t

Frank Curtis
Best Animation Lessons Can Lead You to the Success You Dream Of
15 July 2017 Art ≈ --select sub Category--

In the present situation, learning animation is one of the greatest professions you can ever think of. Once you have taken animation lessons and have graduated or certified in this course, getting a job in some production studio might just be a dream comes true for you. Career in animation Joining a course in animation does not mean you just learn how to operate the animation software, but i

Why Reproduction Paintings Are A Smarter Way to Art Enjoyment
5 July 2017 Art ≈ --select sub Category--

Art is the most beautiful language to communicate colors and thoughts. The world of art is wonderful to wade into, to just hunt for the best discovery. But usually, the expenses in buying these original art styles are heavier than your pockets. But this should not end your love for beauty; you should still focus on collecting your favorite Picasso reproductions, but how? This is where you find you

Frank Curtis
How Incredible Art Reproduction Allows you to Enjoy Modern Art
5 July 2017 Art ≈ --select sub Category--

There are hundreds of artists, who have been contributing a lot to the progression of painting as an art form during the last few decades. These artists are not only creating their own magnum opuses but also creating reproductions of old classics. Because of these contemporary reproduction artists, art lovers can enjoy the modern art to the fullest As a regular person, you might have an admirat

Frank Curtis
Importance of VFX Technique in Film Industry
6/10/2017 Art ≈ Theater

There’s often discussions about the costs of visual effects. But for now let’s take a look at something seldom discussed and that’s the value of visual effects. What are the benefits of visual effects? Freedom for filmmakers, writers and directors to tell any story they like.  Humans have been telling stories since communication made it possible. Verbal and written sto

Sanchaita Ghoshal: A Torch-bearer Of Hindustani Classical Music
2 June 2017 Art ≈ Theater

India has been blessed with a number of gifted Hindustani Classical musicians, who have mesmerized listeners from around the globe with their art. Known for her invaluable contribution to Hindustani classical music, Sanchaita Ghoshal is blessed with a soulful voice and is one of the most prolific music maestros of the 21st century.   Today, Sanchaita Ghoshal is known for her versat

Kunal Sutar
How to Make Your Ad Award Winning Advertising Creative
19 May 2017 Art ≈ Painting

Creating a new product for your business is like giving birth to that product. The list of necessary actions performs to get the product ready is seemingly endless. The monthly actions perform for preparing the product is waiting, nurturing, preparation, many consultations and meetings, name brainstorming, color schemes. When it is ready, then the next thing needs to reveal the product to the gene

Tim Ryan
Growing Sector in Multimedia and Entertainment Field Through Animation
5/1/2017 Art ≈ Visual Art

The animation industry in India is large & growing. Animation, gaming & web design professionals work on full-length animation movies, create TV commercials, education CDs, work in the advertising industry or as web designers in various companies. The field offers many exciting careers. Upon completion of a career course, you can choose to specialize & work in any of the following s

Benefits of Hiring A Freelance Advertising Agency Art Director For Your Ad
22 April 2017 Art ≈ Painting

Your hired freelance team or a Freelance Advertising Agency Art Director is always inclined to perform advertisement for your business, and they want your feedback on their working process. They are assessing your feedback for many reasons because they understand the value of your business and products better than anyone else. Advertising is important for many reasons, so there's a lot of mone

Tim Ryan
Professional painter is the originator of Your Dream Home
6 April 2017 Art ≈ Painting

While decorating your home, one of the biggest challenges is to make sure that the paint work is done in a perfect manner, So if you are repainting your home exterior and interior side, then the best way to do it is, by signing a professional painter. The key reason to hire them are, through professional painter the completion result will be astonishing and the job will be done in a clean and quic

For Renovating your Home Hire a Rhode Island's Residential Painting Specialist
6 April 2017 Art ≈ Painting

Though hiring a company to paint your home requires more money but on the other hand, assigning this charge to professionals will give an attractive look to your home, that you desire in the first try. They are also the finest people from whom you take suggestions, regarding materials, techniques to be used in your home. It definitely comes within your budget without compromising with the quality

Painting Contractors - Helps to Alter your dream house
6 April 2017 Art ≈ Painting

Repainting your home is an intimidating assignment of a  good contractor,  who associated with this work can make your experience satisfying. Inviting a painter to renovate your home requires a certain level of trust. A proper research before scheduling should be made about the painting contractors, and the painting expenditure, as these are the most important part of this operation. As

Looking for Tattoo Artist in Belgium? Let’s Check it Out
4/13/2017 Art ≈ Visual Art

Getting inked with the first tattoo is a major decision for every tattoo lover. Once you get inked on your skin, it’s not easy to alter. Thus, there are various things that you should consider while going to any artist to get a tattoo of your choice. Either you are new with the tattoos or experienced one who wants to have fabulous tattoo sleeve; the below mentioned points will help you to as

Samuel Greg
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