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Finding the Best Wholesaler: Changing the Game for Your Vape Business
11 June 2018 Food ≈ Wines and Spirits

In the past five years, vaping has grown in popularity. Naturally, vape stores have been cropping up quite a bit as well. If you’re a retailer of vaporizers, e-liquid, and other supplies for vaping, you’ll want to stand out among all of your competition. The best way to do that is to have high quality products from a wholesaler you can trust. That wholesaler is Kingdom Vapor. Kingdom V

Ben Oesterling
The Oft-Overlooked Niche of Dry Herb Vapes
31 May 2018 Food ≈ Wines and Spirits

When you think of the kinds of flavors associated with vape clouds, your mind may go straight to the wacky and exotic tastes of things like tropical passion fruits and sweets and candies. But that doesn’t mean all those who enjoy vaping are seeking a sweet breath of vapor. While many brands of waxes and e-liquids do cater to these more popular style of flavors, there are also many vape pens

Benjamin Winterburn
How the LEVO Infuser Makes DIY Extracts Easy
30 May 2018 Food ≈ Wines and Spirits

If you’re any sort of vape enthusiast, chances are good that at some point you’ve heard of “infusing” oils or butters. For those with a refined palette and a passion for exotic and unique flavors – a description that everyone can agree is fitting for many a vaper – this new do it yourself hobby might just be the next craze for you! A fairly recent phenomenon, ma

Benjamin Winterburn
Spring Into Memorial Day With Mouthwatering E-Liquid Flavors
26 May 2018 Food ≈ Wines and Spirits

With Memorial Day celebrations right around the corner, we’re sure you already have grand plans for barbeques and fireworks. Maybe you’re inviting family and friends over for a big backyard barbeque or maybe you’re heading to the beach to lounge in the sand and soak in the sun’s rays. Whatever your plans, there’s one thing you shouldn’t go without: Nicotine Salt

Gaius Monteyro
Nicotine Salt: Changing the Way We Vape
23 May 2018 Food ≈ Wines and Spirits

Vaping is an increasingly popular way of consuming nicotine while enjoying a variety of flavors. Cloud chasers are always looking for new vaping products to try out and finding unexpected favorites all the time. If you are looking for a new way to vape while still enjoying flavor and robust clouds, you may want to try nicotine salt based e-liquid, known more commonly as Nic Salts. Most e-liquid

Gaius Monteyro
Benefits of Using Online Vapor Juice Sellers
22 May 2018 Food ≈ Wines and Spirits

When buying vapor juice, you want to have access to all kinds of products. Whether you’re an individual looking for vapor juice for personal use or you own a vape store and want to stock up on the best products, using online sources is a great way to find products suited to your needs. For one, buying vapor juice online allows you to search for specific products. If you’re a re

Gaius Monteyro
Wholesale Vape Supplies: Crucial Tips for Prolonging Your Battery Life
10 May 2018 Food ≈ Wines and Spirits

When buying wholesale vape supplies, there is one essential item you should always keep on your list - the battery. Vaping devices are powered by batteries and are either charged by a traditional household charger or a USB charger. However, just like any other battery type, these charging units can be damaged. To help prolong the life of your battery, remember these crucial tips. Regularly Use

Ben Oesterling
Wholesale RDA Fundamentals: A Basic Guide to RDAs
9 May 2018 Food ≈ Wines and Spirits

Low resistance, PV, Mod, RBA: there are plenty of acronyms and terminology specific to the vaping industry. Unfortunately, this information can be vital to ensure you have all the required information and equipment necessary before making a large purchase (for example, making a Wholesale RDA purchase). To help start you on your path to understanding vaping terminology, here are the basic

Ben Oesterling
Top Answers to the Wholesale Vapor Liquid Questions You Want to Ask
7 May 2018 Food ≈ Wines and Spirits

With over 450 different brands and more than 7,500 unique flavors the e-liquid component is one of the most crucial elements in the vaping industry. With so many choices, it’s no surprise new users have questions about this essential vaping option. To assist in your search for the perfect vaping flavor, here are the top answers to the most common wholesale vapor liquid questions. Wha

Ben Oesterling
Winning Tactics for Selecting the Right Nicotine Salt E-Juice
24 April 2018 Food ≈ Wines and Spirits

If you’ve been in the vaping scene for quite some time, you’ve probably determined the best route for restocking your Nicotine Salt Ejuice supply. However, if you’re new to vaping, or just haven’t taken the time to experiment or branch out into new e-juice flavors since you first started, then you need to learn how to select the right nicotine salt e-liquids for you. T

Gaius Monteyro
Choosing Your Perfect Vapor Juice
16 April 2018 Food ≈ Wines and Spirits

The vaping world is filled with incredible flavors of Vapor Juice. With so many different tastes to try, the variety can make it overwhelming to know where to start when it comes to choosing the perfect juice. Thankfully, we are here to help you get started so that you can find the flavor that is right for you and the vaping experience that you have been trying to find. Where to Start? When tr

Gaius Monteyro
5 Crucial Tips for Buying from E-Cigarette Wholesale Distributors
9 April 2018 Food ≈ Wines and Spirits

With the additional freedom associated with e-cigarettes, it’s no surprise they are quickly becoming the preferred method for getting a nicotine high by enthusiasts today. With a variety of juice flavors, vaping devices, and device special features, it can be easy to get that “out of your league” feeling. Thankfully, making a decision isn’t as hard as it seems, and, with a

Ben Oesterling
Wholesale Vapor Juice: A Helpful Guide to E-Liquids
6 April 2018 Food ≈ Wines and Spirits

How do you vape? What kind of wholesale vapor juice is available? Is the vape juice good quality? When you're new to vaping, there are a lot of things to consider. With so many questions coming to mind, you may even feel a little overwhelmed. To help ease your way into the vaping world, here is a resourceful guide to the fundamentals of vape juice. What Is E-Liquid? E-liquid is a vapi

Ben Oesterling
Why You Should Try Nic Salt E-Liquid
24 March 2018 Food ≈ Wines and Spirits

In the last decade or so, the vaping community has grown significantly. In recent years, the possibilities for vaping experiences have dramatically increased, and it is now easier than ever to personalize your vaping experience. Whether you are new to the vaping scene or have been part of the vaping community for some time, you have likely heard the term “nic salt e-liquid.” Nic salt e

Gaius Monteyro
How To Choose a Cheap Herbal Vaporizer That’s Right For You
23 March 2018 Food ≈ Wines and Spirits

If you are in the market for your first Cheap Herbal Vaporizer, you’ve just entered the exciting and growing world of herbal vaping. Herbal vaping is an increasingly popular hobby that allows for many innovative and exciting vaping and socializing experiences. With herbal vaping, you can also explore unique herbal flavors, without subjecting your body to the dangers of smoking. As you learn

Benjamin Winterburn
Finding A Wholesale Vaping Supply Company That’s Right For You
15 March 2018 Food ≈ Wines and Spirits

If you are working in a business to consumer model, you will need to identify and then be able to jump over several hurdles for your business to run successfully. It is not easy to run a business, and it is especially challenging to keep your business above water when the market is competitive. If you work in the vaporizer industry, you know that competition is high, and that you will need to thin

Ben Oesterling
How To Know If You Have Found The Best Herb Vaporizer
27 February 2018 Food ≈ Wines and Spirits

How do you know if you’ve found the Best Herb Vaporizer? In this article, we’ll highlight some of the most important elements involved in purchasing and owning an herb vaporizer. Portable herb vaporizers are generally more expensive than similar-sized devices that are made specifically for e-liquid or concentrates. The design and construction of herb vaporizers is different, since t

Benjamin Winterburn
Things to Keep in Mind While Enjoying the World’s Finest Wines
7 October 2017 Food ≈ Wines and Spirits

Although the popularity and consumption of wine has dramatically surged in the past decade, it has actually been around for centuries. In fact, though no one knows exactly when the first batch was produced, we do know that Middle Eastern peoples were drinking it as early as 2500 B.C. Wine has played a significant role in the development of culture and religion, with evidence of wine found througho

Samuel Greg
Experience the Joy of Sipping Handmade Natural Wines
22 September 2017 Food ≈ Wines and Spirits

Wines have been a staple in civilizations around the world for thousands of years. Though the earliest written account of vineyards and wine can be found in the Bible, the earliest scientific evidence of grapes actually dates back over 60 million years. Since these times, the delicious and soothing taste of wine has become a part of daily life for billions of people across the globe. Wines are alc

Samuel Greg
The Best Vegetable Juice Recipes
15 September 2017 Food ≈ Wines and Spirits

In case you're considering how on earth you're regularly going to eat your "Base Daily Requirement" of leafy foods every day, here's a fast and simple arrangement. Squeezing!   The "MDR" changes as per your age, yet to streamline it's around 2-3 glasses each of leafy foods for grown-up men and a half container less of each for ladies. Be that as it ma

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