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M&A mergers and acquisitions administrations
24 August 2019 Business ≈ Venture Capital

  Sell-side M&A administrations   Corporate Finance's nearby nearness in the different European nations guarantees contact with an enormous number of prospect purchasers. Because of our industry center, we know the present purchasers and their Merger and Acquisition Services prerequisites. By expanding the domain to the entire of Europe rather than to just your own natio

Cryptocurrency hedge fund of funds BitBull Capital opens to outside assets
14 June 2018 Business ≈ Venture Capital

  The hedge fund glory days are back...if you invest in cryptocurrencies. More than 100 cryptocurrency hedge funds have been launched since 2014, according to research by Autonomous Next. And, as Opalesque reported just last week, a market maker has entered the cryptocurrency space in an effort to institutionalize the system. So it's no surprise then that hedge fund of funds are e

bitbull capital
Where are the investment opportunities in india for venture capital funds?
13 December 2017 Business ≈ Venture Capital

During the past decade, venture capital funds have consistently capitalized on many investment opportunities in the India. Moreover, a policy-oriented central government coupled with moves such as ‘Make in India’ have made India a lucrative investment hub for foreign investors. India has its own unique market. Thus, the manner in which brands and businesses are built in India are go

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