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Successful SMS Marketing Campaign
27 February 2018 Marketing ≈ Telemarketing

1. Market Segmentation   Mobile devices are near 7.2 billion and they're multiplying 5 times faster than we are. Most of them - if not all- are SMS enabled. Bearing this small piece of knowledge in mind, each trafficker has to apprehend that unless the audience targeted is divided, any SMS campaign is condemned to failure. it's of preponderant importance to differentiate your ca

The Future of Mobile Marketing
23 February 2018 Marketing ≈ Telemarketing

Mobile Marketing – As we stand in the digital sphere where communication is more interactive, highly engaging and customized according to various consumers, there lies an ocean of opportunities to develop business, brands and ideas. Besides laptops and desktop computers, there comes mobile, another powerful device channel to hit on targets, and convert leads to loyal customers. Studies

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