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Kalmar VS Jonkopings Sodra IF, home is victory
26 March 2020 Sports ≈ Soccer

Match Time:3/26/2020 23:59 Thursday(GMT+8)  International Club Friendly -- Kalmar VS Jonkopings Sodra IF Livescore | Match Prediction & Tips| Asian Handicap Odds|Line-ups& H2H Stats ----------------------------------- Match analysis: Kalmar ranked third last in The All Swedish last season, but they won in the playoffs and avoided relegation. They per

Defy all Odds and Become a Professional Footballer!
30 March 2018 Sports ≈ Soccer

The quest of becoming a professional athlete is one of the most challenging journeys that one can embark on. The odds of becoming a professional footballer are particularly slender. Statistics indicate that the children playing at football academes are more likely to get hit by a meteorite than to be able to play football professionally. This can be very discouraging for an aspiring footballer but

Samuel Greg
Soccer: The Best Hobby to Pick in Childhood
23 March 2018 Sports ≈ Soccer

We all know and have been told many times that everyone needs to have an athletic hobby in the childhood. Any kind of sport that demands extreme mental and physical efforts should be played by kids in order to have overall development. There are many rational, scientific and obvious reasons behind this and more often than not people are up to this thing. They enroll their kids in sports coaching c

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Get To Know More About Soccer Trip To Spain
23 January 2018 Sports ≈ Soccer

A standout amongst the most alluring goals on the planet to have an ideal occasion for you and your friends and family is Spain. There are a few cute things that could pull in you to Spain, the wonderful culture and conventions that have been in presence for quite a while are as yet honed in Spain which is beneficial for you to see as a guest. Culture and customs gives a few nations their personal

Enrol Children in the Best Soccer Training Program to Nurture Them
11 January 2018 Sports ≈ Soccer

As parents, we want our children to pursue healthy habits and make them the way of their life. Enrolling your children in a specific sports activity can be extremely beneficial for them. It can teach them the importance of time, discipline, team-spirit, and also, helps them to learn the importance of decision making at crucial times. If you enrol your children in soccer training they can learn all

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Ask Professional Training Academies to Groom Your Kid as a Sportsman
8 January 2018 Sports ≈ Soccer

When kids come to an age when they develop a fondness or liking for any particular sports; that is a really crucial time. Parents often think that they should allow their kids to play any sport for their overall development, but they hardly make any special efforts in regards to such thoughts. If you want your kid to excel in any particular sport and make a living out of that sport in future, then

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Enroll Your Soccer Loving Kid in Football Training Club Singapore
12 October 2017 Sports ≈ Soccer

If you have got a potential Beckham in your home, dribbling football all the time, then it is a high time for you to score a parenting goal and enroll your little Messi in any local Singapore soccer academy. As parents, you need to take such steps for the sake of complete development of your kid. Sending your kids to school isn’t enough for their all-round development; you need to expose you

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Train Your Child by the Experienced Football Coach
12 October 2017 Sports ≈ Soccer

Soccer is not just a sport, it’s a religion. A footballer requires a lot of strength, fitness and technique to maintain his A-game. In a sport where you have to be on the ground for 90 minutes or more (taking extra time into account) and give your best performance all throughout, your training and fitness matters a lot. Like every other sport the tricks, skills and training session for so

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Why Book Soccer Field for Your Next Birthday Party
9/20/2017 Sports ≈ Soccer

Soccer is a sport loved unanimously around the globe. The world’s favorite sport has touched the hearts of children and adults across the world and Singapore is no different. People of Singapore are in love with the sport and development of various clubs, stadiums and soccer fields is underway. Futsal, another sport innovated from Football is gaining popularity in Singapore. Futsal requires

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How a Good Pitch is the Key to Exciting Football Game?
19 July 2017 Sports ≈ Soccer

The freshly painted and designed field, the warm-up music blasting from the spectators, the beauty of team colors, the charm of players and the numerous anticipation of the wild battle commences when you watch the classic football game. Football is not just confined to a sport; it has become a religion to this wide population of sporty people. The passion every heart carries in the stadium cannot

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Rent Superior Futsal Pitches to Enjoy the Game to Its Fullest
19 July 2017 Sports ≈ Soccer

Futsal, the Meta version of football, is becoming a trend amongst the people of Singapore. Singaporeans are embracing this sport and showing equal love for both futsal and soccer. It is a well-known fact that Singapore is sport-loving country. However, people here have a special fondness for football and its Meta version. Street football and futsal is the most preferred outdoor activity here. From

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Excellent Soccer Training Programs, Making your Kid a Professional Footballer
19 October 2016 Sports ≈ Soccer

Is your kid a soccer lover and want to make his career as a professional footballer? Most of the people think that just entering with a soccer ball into the sports ground is enough to win the game. But it is not true as winning any of the sport needs a lot of dedication, hard work and of course proper guidance. You should understand that all these qualities cannot be developed by simply playing th

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