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Own Up Your Old Age Gracefully
20 April 2017 Family ≈ Seniors

Old age is an inevitable part of our lives. It’s a time for relaxation & rejuvenation. We have spent all our lives chasing our goals and running behind targets. It’s finally time for slowing down and look back at how far we have come. A time to cherish all the memories made in our prime and take joy in the wisdom we have gained over the years. A time for contemplation & ruminat

Happy Mothers Day SMS
15 March 2017 Family ≈ Seniors

Mother’s day SMS and Sayings If you really want to appreciate your mother’s sacrifices and love you can pay your tribute through sending Mother’s day SMS. You can share it from your phone and send your best greetings on Mother’s day. Make your mom a super mom of this world on mother’s day. Copy text and share it with your mom. Mother’s Day Greetings On

Angela Rexario
Live the Life You Desire in Your Old Age!
2/24/2017 Family ≈ Seniors

Aging is often viewed as something to be fought off. We are often conditioned to believe that old age is a gloomy phase of life. Aging is seen as a major threat to our quality of life and sense of self-worth. You can see old age as a blissful and relaxed period of life or an isolated & bitter phase. Your perspective makes all the difference. A change of perspective is what makes all the differ

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