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How can we say that education with live-work training makes a perfect professional?
17 August 2019 Education ≈ Science

Education is a process of gaining knowledge in various subjects, facts, ideas, values, moral lessons which we gain from any source, be it family members, school, college, teachers and our surroundings and also whatever you gain from your personal experience. Education and training differ slightly i.e., education refers to gain knowledge from all the sources available, whereas training is a proc

5 January 2018 Education ≈ Science

The paper provides a reference for city planning and urban green space establishment. They studied the ecological benefits of six land uses in the main city of Nanjing. They found out that green areas provide the highest ecological benefits because of the large canopy and reduced impervious surfaces in green squares. The study showed that the ecological benefits of green spaces decreased from gree

Winnie Melda
TV Antenna Tower Collapse
12/7/2017 Education ≈ Science

A valid question is where the responsibility of the design engineer and company end and where the responsibilities of the manufacturer and consumer begin.  The TV Antenna Tower Collapse is a model example of the dilemma involving the social and legal responsibility of design engineers. From the case, it may appear as though Riggers fabricated and implemented a flawed lifting scheme. This

Winnie Melda
An overview of Scrum master training along with its benefits
17 August 2017 Education ≈ Science

Scrum Master is a task offered by Scrum Alliance to pros that have attainably completed Scrum Master Training and demonstrate their insight through the CSM test. A CSM plays out the running with limits: Helps make bunches in using Scrum sensibly Gives restrain over that of a standard Project Manager Goes about as a 'laborer pioneer' and helps the arranged effort and learn framewo

Get your dream placement with PG diploma in clinical research
22 May 2017 Education ≈ Science

The invention of sophisticated laboratory equipments assists the chemists and biologists to carry out experiments and to present better pharmaceutical products to the world. The invention of the lab apparatuses has expanded the very scope of clinical research. It is that branch of science which is concerned with the study and effectiveness of various medicines in order to analyse whether they may

Sonam Rajput
An overview on part time pharmacovigilance courses for doctors
20 December 2016 Education ≈ Science

Healthcare is a budding industry in India and India has shown a great improvement in this sector and has become one of the major centers for important clinical trials. There are certain issues regarding availability of medicinal drugs that still remain but efforts are being made by the professionals to resolve them as early as possible. Pharmacovigilance is a very crucial sector of the healthcare

Sonam Rajput
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