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Research on SEX as we age
31 January 2018 Investment ≈ Retirement Planning

I have had a great deal of experience being the other woman. After a few years as a stripper and gradually turning from an innocent easily impressed girl into a more open-minded woman, I posted an advert on a site for upscale escorts catering to sugar daddies and below is what I've learned in the process about your husband: Monogamy goes against most men’s biological nature but settli

PIMPS AND NIGHT GIRLS: Write-Up by Londons prostitutes
25 January 2018 Investment ≈ Retirement Planning

I started off by working as a prostitute in a brothel and I really don't have any great recollections, the brothel had regular punters that usually wanted to fuck the new recruit, the ladies competed for the clients in a sleazy manner and when you grew to become popular with the punters, it grew to become problematic with the ladies as these same clients had been visiting one of the others bef

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