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How do you build a meaningful career?
22 February 2020 Careers ≈ Recruitment

There are a large number of people go to work each day for a job they don't like to work for. The deleterious feelings permeate throughout their entire life, putting a negative cloud over the family, friends and many of their other activities. They might be having to lack the ability to change and may be afraid of leaving the surety of a paycheck, or have a hundred justifications for them to b

PerspectAI | Game Based Assessments | Pre-employment Assessment
10 February 2020 Careers ≈ Recruitment

PerspectAI engages your candidates in an immersive assessment experience to measure their true potential. From predicting their on-job performance to assessing their ability to carry out standard operating procedures, PerspectAI caters to a wide range of assessment scenarios through non-contextual games and contextual simulations.

Saddest thing we’ve seen on Resume
20 January 2020 Careers ≈ Recruitment

The saddest thing I have come across in a Resume when it was of 6 pages and no focus on ‘achievements’ and only elaborating ‘responsibilities’. The focus in a Resume has to be on sharing stories of ‘measurable achievements’ and not responsibilities. The responsibilities have to be just stated in one liners or in brief. In this case, there were frequent job chang

background verification companies in chennai
9 January 2020 Careers ≈ Recruitment

Background screening is a complete check of an applicant, employee credentials. In general, background verification is performed before hiring staff. The aim of this background verification is to check the authenticity of an individual. It helps you to easily establish the identity and character of a target person. If you want to acquire precise background verification, you can opt for our

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IT Job Consultancy A Hand to Ensure Your Future
5 September 2019 Careers ≈ Recruitment

The fame of IT Job consultancies is expanding throughout the years. Practically every one of the organizations is depending on the placement of Consultancy's mastery to fill empty and required positions and ventures. Additionally, the individual candidates are thinking that it's increasingly important to go with the IT Job Agency.  What is an IT Job Consultancy? IT Consultancy i

Vihaan sharma
Placement Agency In Lucknow Offers Best Job In Every Sector
1 June 2018 Careers ≈ Recruitment

Placement agencies these days are gaining lots of recognition because of the hike of job seekers. Students who have just finished their college are looking for jobs and not just them; even the employed people are looking for better opportunities. So, we can say that placement agencies are helping to provide good jobs to people. These agencies nowadays are staying a step ahead of the HR agencies, a

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What Dose Virtual Staffing Means?
26 March 2018 Careers ≈ Recruitment

What Does Virtual Staffing Means? Virtual staffing actually stands for someone who can work for us. The concept of virtual staffing is quite new and advanced with changing technology. Generally, it helps in improvising our business and also assists to expand the growth of our business. In today’s environment to hire for virtual assistant keep on increasing day by day. In virtual staffi

Avlin Rpy
Measured employment decisions to faster growth
26 September 2017 Careers ≈ Recruitment

The employment scenario at present is such that there are a number of candidates, but there is a dearth of candidates who have the competence to do what is expected of them in the enterprise in the right way and to grow as the business enterprise grows.

Online Assessment Tests for Better Hiring
26 September 2017 Careers ≈ Recruitment

Today, a large plethora of companies choose online employment assessment tests in the hiring process to aid in the candidate selection process.

Nabanna Scholarship 2017 CM’s Relief & Discretionary Fund
10 July 2017 Careers ≈ Recruitment

About Nabanna Scholarship: Under Honorable Chief Minister’s watchful eyes a development scheme for the brilliant students who are in search of financial assistance. It’s a way to help those students who are from Backward Classes. To make a good future we must ensure good education system. It’s the proper way to make proceedings better. Chief Minister Educational Relief fund Sc

7 March 2017 Careers ≈ Recruitment

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Find Suitable Jobs through Reliable Online Platform
19 January 2017 Careers ≈ Recruitment

The ever rising population and throat cutting competition around the globe has greatly raised the problem of unemployment. Lack of job opportunities forces the poverty-stricken ones to work in lower salaries and in various odd conditions. Also, there are many who don't find any jobs in their respective field and thus they opt to work in any of the sector they are getting job or start any type

Frank Curtis
Benefits of seeking employment in UAE through an experienced Pakistan recruitment agency
26 August 2016 Careers ≈ Recruitment

More than three quarters of workforce in the United Arab Emirates are expatriates, meaning there are very high chances for people from other countries to get jobs.  Although there are many recruitment agencies in Pakistan that help people get employment in the UAE, only a few meet the required standards and legal obligations. You need to be careful when dealing with these firms in order to g

Mark Henry
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