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Benefits of Quartz Powder
18 June 2019 Business ≈ Presentation

The extracted ore is used in stone mills to obtain desired powder with the specification needed. There is a vast Quality available in the world of Different minerals. Quartz is a mineral which is composed of silicon. In Formula of SiO4, oxygen being shared between two tetrahedra. Quartz crystals exist in two forms, the normal α-quartz and the high-temperature β-quar

Select Interior Design with Vinayaka Associates
23 March 2019 Business ≈ Presentation

Yes, you might have a great eye for design but it's called a BUSINESS for nothing. There is a huge difference between being able to make your own home look great and then starting a successful interior design business. Want to know how to do it? Read on... If the entrance to your home makes a good enough impression, you’ve won half the battle already. So, get working on the po

vinayaka associates
12 December 2017 Business ≈ Presentation

A motivational speaker is also known as inspirational speaker. A Motivational speaker is someone who delivers speeches with the intention to inspire people in the audience. Generally top motivational speaker holds a reputation as an expert on the subject being discussed. He encourages the audience to look at things from a different outlook and to become more attentive to their own talents and abil

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