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5 Useful Pet Stain Removal Tips
5/1/2018 Family ≈ Pets

If you're a pet lover, there's good chance that you might be having one or two (or even more) of them at your home. The emotional joy pets bring to our home cannot be described in words. In fact, your pets are more like family member of your house who also need proper care so that they remain healthy. However, keeping pets is not without its fair share of challenges and pet stains are one

Bring a Smile on Your Dear Puppy’s Face with Customized Gift Box
1 February 2017 Family ≈ Pets

Pets, especially dogs hold a really special place in our human hearts. According to a study, eye contact with dogs induce the secretion of the “cuddle chemical” or known by its more medically appropriate name, oxytocin. Oxytocin is the same chemical that is released in mothers during breast feeding their babies. It is the chemical that promotes bonding between two beings. Dogs are natu

Samuel Greg
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