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Sunny Side up Baby Position- What You Want to Know about It
27 March 2018 Family ≈ Parenting

Facts Regarding Sunny Side-up Position What does sunny-side-up baby mean? This means the baby is turned up in a wrong way in the womb of the mother. Only C-section is the way to have a safe delivery. There are lots of studies have done on this issue and here are the facts on this- OP position can occur in up to 30 percent of pregnancies which is quite common in the first stage of labor.

Essentials Steps Towards Successful Parenting
8 September 2016 Family ≈ Parenting

Every child holds a special place in their parent’s life and raising the child is indeed the most novel thing in this world. It is the most satiating task that the lucky parents have to pursue in their life. However, at times this novel task calls for a few complications that make the parents be worried about the upbringing of their child. Be it the first timer mum- dad or the parents

Sanjana Sharma
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