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Corporeal Escorts At Your Doorstep
30 January 2020 News ≈ Opinion

Agence escorte Lausanne in Geneva is the groups of beautiful girls who give sexual pleasure to their clients. They are also famous as call girls who offer both in and outcall services to the people in Geneva and tourists in the top hotels or lodging of the city. In the business event, if you do not have a female company then it is the dazzling door for you to hire one and enlighten your occasion.

Dissent in Indian Democracy
27 September 2019 News ≈ Opinion

“The right of freedom of opinion and the right of freedom of conscience by themselves include the extremely important right to disagree.” – Justice Deepak Gupta Subversion of democratic institutions In the past few years, the government's interference in the working of Democratic institutions, including Election Commission, Reserve Bank of India, CBI, and the judiciary

Ekta Mudgil
Cost of Beach Wedding in Goa by Behind the Scene
5/31/2018 News ≈ Opinion

Getting married on a beach is a great idea, and it is trendy nowadays. Beach wedding is always a dream for anyone, and the first step is to brief on the cost of planning a wedding in Goa. It is essential to know how much it is going to cost and plan accordingly. We Behind the scene, the Destination wedding specialist and we take care of everything, from choosing the venue, pre-wedding and arran

How Court Case Problem Solution Astrologer Can Help You Live a Better Life
26 April 2018 News ≈ Opinion

Pandit Vijay Varma is a top Court Case Problem Solution Astrologer Expert,By using astrological technics  and mantras it will help you to resolve  court cases with astrology . All those who come across court cases some point in their life either they initiated the case or the opponent did, they certainly think why this happened with me as I don’t have any bad intention? Why it happ

Kabul, New Delhi’s pushback
1 March 2017 News ≈ Opinion

Russia hosted a six-nation conference on Afghanistan’s future in Moscow two weeks ago which saw participation from India, Iran, Pakistan, China and Afghanistan. This was Russia’s second initiative after the first trilateral conference in December last year which only included China and Pakistan. These Moscow talks come almost 38 years after the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in Decembe

Ani Das
Today’s capabilities, tomorrow’s conflicts
22 February 2017 News ≈ Opinion

As India actively aspires to shape its security environment in South Asia and beyond, the future set of demands on the Indian military will be heavily influenced by its evolving global and regional environment. India is situated in a difficult neighbourhood where security threats are expected and predictable but can also be unexpected and unforeseen. Combined with the increasing need to project po

Monali Roy
Is the “Asian Century” over before it has begun?
14 February 2017 News ≈ Opinion

Ever since Japan began to be viewed as an economic juggernaut in the 1970s, the world has anticipated the “Asian Century.” Predictions of America and Europe’s inevitable decline and Asia’s inexorable rise have been staples of books, newspaper and magazine articles, and news shows for decades.[i] In a tectonic shift in global power similar to the one that took place in

Ani Das
China and India should create shared goals: Chinese diplomat
13 February 2017 News ≈ Opinion

Source: Photolabs@ORF INDIA-CHINA PRINT MEDIA PUBLIC OPINION China and India are both now rising powers and therefore as neighbours, there is a necessity to create shared goals, according to Mr. Ma Zhanwu, the Consul General of the People’s Republic of China in Kolkata. Releasing the ORF report “Understanding China: Indian Media’s Perception of China —Anal

Soumya Roy
Men in the shadows how appointment of Lt Gen Rawat left a bad taste
19 January 2017 News ≈ Opinion

The Government was well within its rights to appoint Lt Gen Bipin Rawat as the Chief of Army Staff. Even in Pakistan, where the army actually runs the show, the prerogative of appointing the chief rests in the hands of the civilian government. This is how it should be. But the appointment left a bad taste in the mouths of many after the remarks of Lt Gen Pravin Bakshi surfaced. Taken in conjun

Hansal Mehta
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