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Drug Addiction Scourge on Long Island
18 November 2019 Health ≈ Mental Health

Long Island and many of the communities surrounding the area are affected by substance abuse and addiction with no end in sight. The White House has declared, drug abuse with opioid addiction is a public health emergency. New York State Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman, bemoans the drug crisis on Long Island.  The arrival of the synthetic drug, fentanyl, has worsened the epidemic and

Teresita Kennedy
Hudson Valley Addiction Resources
1 October 2019 Health ≈ Mental Health

Are you searching for Mid Hudson Addiction Recovery for yourself or a loved one? Throughout the Hudson Valley, we’re dealing with a drug addiction crisis that is affecting countless communities. When it comes to substance abuse, more people are becoming addicted to opioids. Traditional street drugs such as heroin are often laced with fentanyl for a stronger and more dangerous high.

Teresita Kennedy
Best Surrogacy Centres In Ukraine | Surrogacy treatment | Elawoman
29 September 2019 Health ≈ Mental Health

Best Surrogacy Centres In Ukraine Some surrogacy offices will enable you to choose an IVF center that best meets your individual needs, as every ha qualities in various regions. Others are banded together with a solitary IVF facility. At any rate three IVF facilities do their own surrogate enrollment (see underneath) Some Ukraine IVF centers give IVF 'cash back' bundles. On the off ch

Surrogacy Cost in Pune | ElaWoman
27 September 2019 Health ≈ Mental Health

Surrogacy Cost in Pune | ElaWoman CK Birla International Fertility Centre   CK Birla International Fertility Centre, the IVF clinic in Jaipur, Rajasthan is committed, providing you with all the resources and care available. We work as a team to ensure all your medical and personal needs are met.  Our expertise and treatment programs provide sophisticated, compassiona

Long Island Fenantyl Detox Centers
16 August 2019 Health ≈ Mental Health

It’s more powerful than heroin and has dangerous side effects that include an increase in opioid overdoses across the United States in recent years. The numbers of people becoming addicted to Fentanyl- or drugs cut with Fentanyl- are skyrocketing. The illegal manufacturing of Fentanyl has caused the availability of Fentanyl on the street to increase. Before this drug was illegally manufactur

Teresita Kennedy
Believe In Your Health Skills but Never Stop Improving
5/24/2019 Health ≈ Mental Health

1. Regular Exercising Physical Exercising is an important activity that one should consider regularly. Through physical exercising, you improve your mental and physical wellness. Consider that exercising will keep you away from diseases like type2 diabetes, cancer, and prevent cardiovascular diseases. Physical exercising will have short-term and long-term benefits on your lifestyle. Through reg

Michelle Evans
Professional Couples Counseling Center at Long Island
7 June 2018 Health ≈ Mental Health

Practically, couples counseling is the way of saving marriages of couples who are in trouble. We have to accept the fact that resolving marriage issues can be so difficult and complicated that you will really need a third hand to help and mediate. Our Forest Hills Counseling Center will be that third hand if you are in trouble. Couples can turn to it (counselling) at any time, even when they don&#

Control Anger - Change Your Thinking and Responses
7 June 2018 Health ≈ Mental Health

There is just no doubt about a fact that the anger is a very powerful emotion. It has the ability to easily stem from feelings of frustration, hurt, annoyance, or disappointment.The outcomes of denial and suppression of rising anger can lead to two possible outcomes. One outcome is all about violent anger. And the second outcome is severe chronic depression. Our service of Anger Management in

Professional Couples counseling Long Island Since 1977, Don't Wait Too Long!
17 May 2018 Health ≈ Mental Health

            All relationships go through phases and have their ups and downs, but there are many situational and relationship issues that can benefit from couples counseling. It is worth mentioning that counselling also help you bust the myths associated with marriage. Couples counseling in Long Island tells you how to overcome feelings of frustration in your marriage

Why To Approach Couple Counselor?
10 May 2018 Health ≈ Mental Health

No matter how much you love each other, in today's stressful times, relationships bear the burden of our day to day stress. This leads to weakening the bond with your partner. As a result of such situations, more and more partners are succumbing to the pressure and opting for separation. It is really tough while dealing with a person in the relationship that has totally different perspective.

Why To Seek Couple Counseling Before Divorce
4 May 2018 Health ≈ Mental Health

Unfortunately, statistics show that the divorce rates are increasing day by day. Almost 50 percent of the first marriages end in divorce. The research shows reasons are a lack of communication, physical abuse, alcoholism and a lack of love. When two people decide to part ways, it is very easy step for them. But such decision can be difficult for the family members. Before committing to legal separ

What you should know about harsh physical child abuse?
25 April 2018 Health ≈ Mental Health

Child Abuse occurs all the time, but it is hidden behind closed doors and not spoken about unless a young child dies. It is the most hidden of mental illness. Half the criminal population in jails today or alcoholics and drug addicts on the streets today is products of child abuse. Some forms of child abuse are physical, emotional, verbal, and sexual. Harsh physical child abuse often seems to be a

Tips To Be Fit And Healthy On Sunday
18 March 2018 Health ≈ Mental Health

Everyone’s is in their Sunday spirits and there you are stocking up all the essentials for a high time on the Sunday parties. Don’t worry we are not here to kill your festive mood. We want you all to celebrate party and have a gala time but what we don’t want are you cursing yourself after a night of binge drinking, eating and partying. You know you’ll hate that beer belly

Get the Complete Wellness through Alternative Energy Healing
28 February 2018 Health ≈ Mental Health

As a civilization, we have made our lives more scientific and advanced from its core form and while doing so we missed the point that not everything is rational or scientific. The complete origin and survival of human species are as mystical as it is rational. Neither our soul nor the body belongs to technology or chemicals, then why to rely on technology and chemicals for everything, especially i

Samuel Greg
5 Signs It's Time to Seek Psychiatric Counselling in Mumbai
21 December 2017 Health ≈ Mental Health

Most individuals can benefit from psychiatric counselling in Mumbai at least some point in their lives. Contrary to widespread misconception, you don’t have to be “mad,” distressed or on the edge of a meltdown to visit psychiatrist in Mumbai. At the same time, psychiatrist in Mumbai isn’t usually required for every little struggle that comes your way, particularly if you

Kunal Sutar
How Devastating Can Heroin Addiction Be?
30 November 2017 Health ≈ Mental Health

Heroin is one of the most addictive drugs of the age. It is also known as diacetylmorphine, diamorphine and morphine diacetate. This drug is synthesized from morphine and opium poppy is its core. In most of the documented cases, heroin addiction starts when the person indulges in it as a recreation drug. They started realizing that the effect of the drug helped them in forgetting the real life iss

Hope Care India
Starting Point In Occupational Therapy For Children With Sensory Issues
28 September 2017 Health ≈ Mental Health

Human beings receive sensory messages from the body and surrounding through smell, touch, taste, sight, tactile and audio methods before processing them and interpreting them in order to organize meaningful responses. The whole process takes place in form of exchange of sensations between the central nervous system (CNS) and nerves in the brain, the spinal cord and the peripheral nervous system ou

Leblan Clouvenia
Different Types & Approaches Mental Counseling In Mumbai
27 September 2017 Health ≈ Mental Health

Mental Counselling is a process where clients in Mumbai are helped in dealing with their individual and relational conflicts by a third-party mental therapist in Mumbai. It helps an individual to have a prospect in improving upon their personal understanding, which includes their pattern of thoughts, actions, behaviors, emotions and the ways in which these may have been challenging in their l

Kunal Sutar
Proper Sensory Diet For Your Child
9/25/2017 Health ≈ Mental Health

A sensory diet is a pre-planned carefully designed as well as personalized activity plan that will help to stay focused and well organized throughout the day. A smart sensory pediatric therapist will help you design a unique sensory diet for the child who has incorporated such type of activities. This will help the children to keep the sensory needs to meet throughout the day; moreover, it helps t

Leblan Clouvenia
Counseling Orlando – What Are The Benefits
13 September 2017 Health ≈ Mental Health

Counseling Orlando and the play on words eternal therapy and counseling. Are they essentially the same thing? These two words are often time intimidating to someone who has never done any self reflection. Therapy Counseling has tremendous benefits. When paired up with the right therapists and the motivation to change it can create remarkable freedom, peace and happiness. We all wear blin

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