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How to Guide Users to Leave Their Positive App Reviews and High Ratings
21 September 2017 Marketing ≈ Marketing Tips

Apps are at the center of smart mobile devices, and the opinion of others influence downloads and use of apps. As an iOS developer, it is important that you get as many users as possible to leave reviews, rate apps to increase iOS app downloads in the future. Reviews and ratings affect the visibility of the app in the app store. Rarely will you find people going back to the app store to write a go

April Liu
Mark your presence in the market and improve your market value by getting MSP certified
9 May 2017 Marketing ≈ Marketing Tips

Microsoft Project is a project management software that is designed to assist managers in delivering the project on time and achieve a successful outcome. The Microsoft Project training helps in developing qualities that are essential to become a proficient project manager. A well-trained project manager is able to analyze resources, check budgets, evaluate timelines, measure progress, and anticip

Bless your name with Flagsdigital’s ORM
21 April 2017 Marketing ≈ Marketing Tips

ORM, acronym for online reputation management is an internet practice to save the cost of defamation for business owners on the digital platform. Negative reviews and complaints posted by the users are controlled through the ORM and make sure such comments which can manipulate or influence users' desire to search for a website. ORM takes such bad reviews all the way to the bottom of the search

Make Money Online by Selling Digital Lifestyle Products
29 March 2017 Marketing ≈ Marketing Tips

There is nothing more comfortable and better than working online if you want to make money without leaving your home. You can get lots of ideas on how to make money from the internet to boost your source of income. For students and jobseekers, this is an amazing way to Make Money At Home without investing a lot of your own money. It is even possible to make money by selling other people's prod

Samuel Greg
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