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Where can I get authentic Indian food in Muscat?
14 January 2020 Food ≈ Main Course

Oman cuisine primarily uses the native plants and animals that could survive in the tough, arid, desert climate.  Hence, it is simple and rustic. However, the gradual infusion of Lebanese and Indian cuisines made it exotic and diverse. Today, Indian food in its original version is also very much popular not only amongst Indians who stay in Muscat but the native population as well. Why is I

Dinesh Kumar
Employment Contracts of Chef
3/1/2017 Food ≈ Main Course

As per the mentioned case, Chicken master is a very small chicken and chips restaurant in Gants hill, Ilford and it is owned by Bob Jones. Faisal was hired to manage the restaurant. He was an Asian male with 15 years of experience in restaurant management. After the completion of six months of job, Faisal was terminated from the job due to unfavourable performance and violation of company’s

Vincy Mol
North Indian Food in Porirua – A Sumptuously Zesty Delight
5 December 2016 Food ≈ Main Course

The ardent love for the Indian cuisine has spread across the nations and crossed the borders to touch every nook and corner of the world today. It is long travelled out from the heart of the largest continent in the global scenario and gained massive popularity amongst the people of all nations, irrespective of their creed and tastes. As a matter of fact, a survey suggests that North Indian Food i

Allen Smith
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