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How much term insurance should I have?
11 June 2019 Insurance ≈ Long Term Care

Just like having a life insurance policy is an integral part of sound financial planning, having sufficient coverage for your term plan is also a part of this plan. A term plan you bought five years back might not be enough to cover your goals and needs ten years down the line, and therefore, you need to make changes accordingly. If the policy coverage amount is greater than your needs, th

somesh mane
Some Major Advices for Non-Profit Insurance and Insurance for Non-Profits
22 March 2017 Insurance ≈ Long Term Care

Non-profit Insurance plays a vital role when we talk about safeguarding their interests and ensuring that they pursue their goals and objectives effortlessly. It is an unfortunate fact that NPOs are often unnoticed, and unknown too, by people in the community. However, these charities continue to work in the interest and for the welfare of many people who are underprivileged in the society. It is

Warren Micek
3 March 2017 Insurance ≈ Long Term Care

When As life  is this uncertain it is always good to be prepared for the worst  . To be prepared for the worst,  one has to start investing for a secured future . A workingny person who works wants to make  it sure that he safeguards the future of his children  so that in case of any uncertainty, the children have financial support  and do not get stranded . As a pare

Jenny Dsouza
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