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Top 10 Qualities That Make a Great Leader
9/13/2017 Business ≈ Leadership

A good leader should possess the following characteristics: Empathy: It the leader is empathetic to the subordinates, they will be more motivated to do their work. Thus a leader should possess the quality to understand various issues in detail and solve it empathetically. Honesty: Honesty is that value which makes the leaders admirable and credible to others. If a leader is honest, it can be

Vincy Mol
Things to be remember to be a successful motivational speaker
22 August 2017 Business ≈ Leadership

Public speaking is a difficult art to master. If you have delivered successful presentation, or a speech or even a wedding toast and you are passionate about it then you may become a great motivational speaker. The job of a motivational speaker has recently gained a lot of popularity and many people are considering it as a profession in this industry. To be an effective insp

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