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Need of a Motivational Speaker
12 December 2017 Business ≈ Leadership

There are time when incentive program in a corporate environment stops working. Here comes the need of a motivational speaker. In these circumstances motivational speaker could be very effective in boosting the morale of the employees. A top Motivational speaker in Delhi has a unique approach to motivate people. An Organization flourishes only when they have enthusiastic and well-motivated empl

Benefits & Responsibilities of A Motivational Speaker
12 December 2017 Business ≈ Leadership

A motivational speaker is a person who delivers speeches in order to inspire people to have a better future either physically or mentally. They also help in achieving success in sports or make more money. Good speakers use his or her personality, with the ability to stimulate the people. They use sense of humour in order to convey their message or to reach their audiences in a most direct and a se

Top 10 Qualities That Make a Great Leader
9/13/2017 Business ≈ Leadership

A good leader should possess the following characteristics: Empathy: It the leader is empathetic to the subordinates, they will be more motivated to do their work. Thus a leader should possess the quality to understand various issues in detail and solve it empathetically. Honesty: Honesty is that value which makes the leaders admirable and credible to others. If a leader is honest, it can be

Vincy Mol
Things to be remember to be a successful motivational speaker
22 August 2017 Business ≈ Leadership

Public speaking is a difficult art to master. If you have delivered successful presentation, or a speech or even a wedding toast and you are passionate about it then you may become a great motivational speaker. The job of a motivational speaker has recently gained a lot of popularity and many people are considering it as a profession in this industry. To be an effective insp

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